Working with the 12 Fifth Dimensional Chakras

Working with the twelve chakras and raising their frequency is the path to accelerated ascension both personal and for the planet.  This meditation is an initiation into the 12 fifth dimensional chakras, so that you can safely bring Source energy through your body for healing and purification, then into Hollow Earth, which is the 7th dimensional chakra in the centre of the planet.  Your light will be used to help renew the power of the pyramids and to re-align them to the star systems to which they are fine tuned.  You will then do your part to help heal the planet of all that humanity has perpetrated.
You may need to practise this regularly.

If you start at the Earth Star and go upwards, you will open yourself up, so do this in the morning.  If you start at the Stellar Gateway and come down, you will close the chakras down, so it is good to do this at night.

When you have practised this you can do it walking in the countryside or anywhere peaceful.

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