How do I book for an event?

You can sign up for an event by filling out the booking form on one of my event pages. Once you have completed the form, you will be redirected to the PayPal website to complete your payment.

Once you are registered, you should receive two emails, one from Diana, and one from Zoom who provide the software we use to run our events. Both of these emails will contain a link which you can click to join the meeting at the start time of the event.

You can also access these links at any time through the My Zoom section of this website.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a service for running meetings and webinars online. This allows Diana to operate live events where he can talk on camera about a subject, lead visualisations and answer questions asked by the audience.

It works via piece of software which you can install on a PC, Mac, Phone or Tablet.

You can find out more at

How do I get Zoom?

First visit and follow the links to sign up for a free account. If you are on a PC or Mac, when you follow the link to join a meeting for the first time, it will provide instructions on how to install it on your computer.

If you wish to connect via a phone or tablet, please search for ‘Zoom’ on the Apple App Store or Google play store depending on your device.

How do I connect my audio?

If using a mobile or tablet device, it will automatically use the microphone and speakers (or connected headphones) for that device.

If you are using a PC or Mac, when you connect to the meeting, you will be presented with a window that requests you to ‘Choose ONE of the audio conference options’, this window has two tabs which you can choose between:

  • Phone Call – which you can use by dialling the number and following automated instructions (depending on your phone tariff, you may be charged for this call)
  • Computer Audio – here you can select to ‘Join Audio Conference by Computer’, this will use your computers microphone and speakers (or connected headphones)

If when you join this meeting, you do not see this window appear, please try to disconnect and reconnect to the meeting.

I didn’t receive a link, what do I do?

My events are not appearing in the My Zoom section of the website, what do I do?

Some users have experienced problems due to accidentally closing the browser window after completing the PayPal payment but before they are redirected to the website. Unfortunately, if you are not sent back to the website, our automated process has no way of knowing that you have completed the payment, even if you have paid. If this happens to you, please contact us as soon as possible so we can resolve this issue for you.

Will I receive a recording of the event?

Yes, the day after the event, you will receive an email with details about how to access your recording. If you do not receive your email, you should be able to access the recording directly via the My Zoom page.

How long will the recordings be available?

The recordings will be available indefinitely.

How do I access my recordings?

You can access recordings for any event that you booked for, or recordings for events you didn’t attend at any time through the My Zoom section of this website.

What time zone are meetings held in?

All meetings are held in the UK and are operated on either GMT or BST (GMT +1) depending on the time of the year. The page for the particular event will state which time zone.

You can find out what time this is in your time zone by simply typing into Google the event time, time zone and time zone you wish to convert to, e.g. to find out what time 20:00 BST is in EST, you could search in Google for “20:00 BST to EST”.

How do I use the chat?

When in the zoom meeting, if you can’t see the chat window, when hovering over the main video, you should see a button at the bottom of the page that says ‘Chat’. Click this and the chat window will appear.

From within this window, at the bottom it will say ‘Type message here…’.  Just above this field, it will say ‘To:’, and hopefully then say ‘Everybody’, this means that everybody in the chat window will see your message. If it does not say everybody, you can click on it and then select ‘Everybody’ from the list, or you can select another person to send a private message to them. Then click where it says ‘Type message here…’, type your message and then hit enter.

Need Support?

If you are having technical problems accessing an online workshop or recording, please get in touch.

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