Beautiful Energies

Sent in from Kathleen, 
I have concentrated on the colourful area at the bottom right of the image. These lovely colours and shapes are created when light rays are refracted in the camera lens and the angels can use this process of refraction to create a special message. 
As this colourful area is divided into two parts I will start with the lower section of coloured light that is resting on the upper arm.
Coloured energy on left upper arm: This light contains energy from Mother Mary, Ascended Master Serapis Bey, and Archangels Butyalil (a universal Archangel) and Chamuel (love). This wonderful energy is being carried within the rays of the sun and is being integrated into your energy to help raise the vibration and frequency. You can call on all these ascended souls for help with your journey.
Coloured energy on left side of neck: Starting at the point furthest from the face – Archangels Raphael (healing) & Purlimiek (nature & elementals) are within the green light and this energy is also connecting to energy from Archangel Metatron (wisdom & ascension). From this portion of light I feel you are being guided to tune into the higher wisdom and magic of the elemental kingdom and use this energy for healing nature and yourself. Above the  section of green and red coloured light there is a beautiful mix of blue light and this light contains the energy of Mother Mary and Archangel Michael (protection & truth) and I also feel there is some energy from Lord Jesus and Lord Kumeka. The message I’m getting from this section is that light codes are being activated as part of your ascension process.
The purple geometric shape on the face is transmuting all this powerful energy to a level that your body can accept so that it can be fully integrated into your own energy system.
The pink energy over the mouth contains energy from Archangel Chamuel, encouraging you to speak with the energy of love at all times, so that you can fully walk your ascension path.

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