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All of Diana’s online workshops are recorded and can be purchased to watch at any time. Each maintaining the powerful energy of the original event

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Merlin and the Codes of Magic – Part 1

Activate the Codes of Pluto to Raise the frequency of your cells to build your crystalline light body

Activate Your Codes of Rejuvenation and Regeneration to Build your Crystalline Light Body

2024 Personal and Planetary Cleansing and Upgrade

Receive a Full Body Cellular Upgrade and Activation

Super Healing Boost with the Pleiadeans

DNA re-patterning to prepare for New Golden Age

Making a deep connection with Archangel Gabriel

Mother Mary and the Universal Angel Mary

Unicorn Magic Release Event

Raise the frequency of the World – Ascension Power Boost to the Golden Future Merge with your Monad Meditation

Receive the Codes of Helios – The Power Hour with Diana Cooper and Tim Whild

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