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The gateway to the Angelic World and the Unicorn Kingdom is through the Causal Chakra, the pure white centre immediately above your crown. The key to opening the gate fully and permanently is peace.

There are two kinds of peace. One where you feel calm, centred, contented and that all is well in your world. And there is the Peace that Passeth All Understanding, which is beyond comprehension.

Your glorious white causal chakra is in the charge of Archangel Christiel. We will activate the three qualities that are the keys to open the gates to its inner sanctum:

harmlessness, which is a higher octave of togetherness

oneness, which is a higher octave of love

inner stillness which is a higher octave of peace.

These higher ascension qualities confer on you total safety and wellbeing as you accelerate your ascension. When you have developed these qualities your doorway to the angels and unicorns is fully open and you are always connected to them.

Archangel Christiel and the unicorns work on the white ray of purity. White is the colour of Source love and eternal peace. As you bathe in this ray you are in your divine essence.

During this workshop you will:

*Connect with Archangel Christiel.

*Work with the pure white Angels of Peace.

*Fully open your gateway to the angelic realms and connect deeply with the angels.

*Access the unicorn kingdom through the Stargate of Lyra to receive unicorn blessings.

*Meet the peace dragons.

*Download light keys and codes to repattern the etheric DNA in your causal chakra.

Your causal is a transcendent chakra and as you truly anchor it you are on your journey to meet your Monad or I AM Presence.

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