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Arcturians are highly evolved 10th dimensional golden orange beings. They are wise heart-centred healers, who help to integrate your soul aspects and are waiting to help you with your spiritual evolution.

They have an advanced understanding of spiritual technology that they wish to pass to you as soon as you are ready to use it for the highest good. This includes anything that enables you to raise your frequency and access a higher state of consciousness. They are also waiting to download new high vibration spiritual technology tools.

Arthur, an incarnation of El Morya, works on Arcturian lightships as a healer. He can take you fully out of your body so that recalibrations, rejuvenations, mental changes and upgrades can be performed, using his mind and spiritual technology rather than implements. Advanced quantum pods are used on lightships to take you into a particular dimension where activations, frequency shifts and clearances can take place.

I will share the massively powerful visualisation they gave me to bring their 10th dimensional crystalline light into your chakras. Sacred geometry symbols in each one open your psychic sensitivity. Their 10D light activates and energises your higher ascension.

During this workshop you will :

· Visit an advanced Arcturian lightship.

· Experience a powerful visualisation to bring their 10th dimensional crystalline light into your chakras.

· Meet Lord Arcturus for wisdom and guidance.

· Meet Arthur to receive healing and recalibration.

· Download spiritual technology.

· Receive a boost to your spiritual evolution.

Please join me.

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