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Are you ready to spend time in the seventh heaven, the home of the angels and ascended masters, to absorb their 7D light?

In a beautiful meditation, the angels will help you to open your heart fully and fill it with angelic qualities, that will build your light body. You will create a deeper relationship with your Guardian Angel and meet your overlighting Archangel, who is in charge of your journey on Earth.

The five great Illumined Masters who walk beside you as you progress on your spiritual journey will boost your ascension level.

As we relax in this golden dimension you will experience living in Oneness, abundance and love. And you will see the divinity in everyone, so that you absorb this way of living at a cellular level.

You will clearly perceive Earth from a different perspective and, in an act of service, we will energetically share with the world what we have received in the 7th Heaven.

During this workshop you will:

*Experience the Seventh Heaven, the 7th Dimension.

*Deepen your relationship with your Guardian Angel.

*Receive guidance from your overlighting Archangel.

*Meet with the 5 Illumined Masters allocated to help you on your journey

*Send your light to others to raise the frequency of the planet.

Once you have spent time in the angelic realms you are flooded with grace and your life is never the same again.

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