You may notice a white or coloured circle in a photograph.  Sometimes you may see different shapes. These are Orbs.An Orb is the light of an angelic being that has stepped its energy down to a level where it can be photographed. There is currently a massive movement on the part of the spiritual hierarchyto help the ascension of the planet and everyone on her. The Orbs are playing a huge part in this as, when you look at certain ones with your heart open, they can take you into higher levels of awareness and ascension. You always receive a spiritual download when you see one. Looking into the Orbs offers healing, transformation and enlightenment.

Once when Isaid to my guide, Kumeka that I was so busy writing that I had no time for meditation, he replied that looking at the Orbs had a similar effect and for some people was a much more effective path to spiritual growth. I was delighted as I am not the best meditator in the world!

It has been very reassuring to many people to see their Guardian Angel, in the form of an Orb near them. If you are relaxed and comfortable your Guardian Angel Orb may be at some distance away just holding the space for you. But your personal angel may appear in your throat if it is helping you to be tactful or between you and someone else if it is protecting you from their energy. If you are in danger your angel Orb may become huge and totally surround you.

Animals have two Guardian Angels and you can see two Orbs with them.

Once a person has incarnated, they can never travel alone in the universe. They must be conducted by an angelic being or the Christ light. Not even the greatest Masters can travel alone. This is because those who have had a lifetime on Earth have compassion for others who are here now. This compassion may cause them to interfere with their karma. So an angelic being who is totally objective must conduct them.

Orbs are angelic and some of them carry spirits, sometimes bringing the spirits of loved ones who have passed to visit you or taking others to the light, or even conveying those who are checking out their future families.  A few truly awesome Orbs contain one or more Archangels or even Seraphim.

Because humans can only see and hear within a specific frequency band while angels, unicorns and other beings of light vibrate on a different frequency, people want proof of the existence of a spiritual world. The Orbs have come in as a physical demonstration of the angelic realms. They cause people to question and to believe.

When an angelic being is holding the energy for a place, person or situation, it is round. However if it is actively radiating light, one or more of its sides will open and it may appear octagonal or a different shape.

The Archangel Orbs have their own individual signatures. Often you can recognise which Archangel it is by their colour. Some of them have a shape or symbol within the ball of light.

As the Orb experiment has continued, Archangels are using reflections from the sun to touch people with their light or even bathe an area in their high vibrations.

Orbs are totally amazing and if you want to learn more about them you may be interested in these books and cards.

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If you would like to learn more about Orbs, you may be interested in.

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