Aloha Diana,

I loved the Wonder of Unicorns book. I always seen unicorns in my meditations. When I do guided meditations,when I see a unicorn I know I am safe. While doing the meditations in the book I saw baby unicorn. I was so happy to see the baby,then I read in your book about them. I was shocked. I was wondering if you were going to write about Lemuria. I feel more connected to Lemuria than Atlantis.


Hola Mahalo,

Unfortunately, Diana’s next book is not about Lemuria. There are not many books about Lemuria currently available but I have just discovered one which may interest you – Learn Lemurian Healing by Tiffany Wardle. That is worth having a look at. Also, if you ever get the opportunity to do the Lemurian Planetary Healing Course taught by various teachers from the Diana Cooper Foundation you will love that and really feel the Lemurian connection. By the way, a lot of us have had lifetimes in both Lemuria and Atlantis!


Penny Wing
Master Teacher Diana Cooper Foundation

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