Lemurian Crystal healing

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Lemuria was the Golden Age before Atlantis.  The beings were ethereal and loved Earth and nature.  They drew down the love and light of God through the cosmic heart and projected it into the Earth.  The Lemurians were powerful healers who created special healing crystals for us.  To form these crystals they gathered divine qualities from the fields of Earth as well as the auras of stars and planets, then combined this with Source energy and placed them in the land for us to access and use now. 

In this recording I talk about these incredible crystals and explain how we can use them.  We attune to the mighty beings who help us access this powerful energy for Lemurian healing is incredibly pure and powerful.  We all link heart to heart to connect to the amazing Lemurian healing force.  You will receive personal healing and we will send Lemurian energy to heal the world.  Based on information in The Keys to the Universe.  You do not need a Lemurian crystal to participate in this ZOOM.

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