Making a deep connection with Archangel Gabriel

Zoom Workshop Recording

Archangel Gabriel is the pure white Archangel of clarity, purity and joy who can light up your life.

During this webinar recording you will visit Archangel Gabriel’s etheric retreat over Mount Shasta to meet him and absorb his iridescent white light.

He will give you his Diamond of Clarity to help you understand and see differently any situation in your life. 

You will feel the protective power of his pure white reflective ball.

Then he will hold you in his Cosmic Diamond to cut away all lower energies and accelerate your ascension.

In the Halls of Learning you will connect with Archangels Gabriel and Christiel, the mighty peace angel in charge of your causal chakra.  Gabriel will cocoon you in special energy so that new higher understandings can anchor in your consciousness.

You will also visit the Temple of Truth to purify your essence so that you can experience for an instant the Light of Truth, which allows a spiritual metamorphosis to take place.

Archangel Gabriel offers you a life changing opportunity that will bring you joy, clarity and  hope!

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