Making a deep connection with the Unicorns

Zoom Workshop Recording

Unicorns are the purest of the pure, enlightened angelic beings, who can pour higher light and blessings over you.

In this on line seminar recording you will meet the unicorns and your own personal one.

During an incredible visualisation journey your unicorn will take you for mental, emotional, spiritual and physical healing followed by a special crystal soul healing.

You will visit the unicorn kingdom beyond the Stargate of Lyra and one of the illumined unicorns from here will take you to bathe in the highest frequency of Christ Light we can access, which is held in a Golden Globe in Lakumay.

You will also receive a unicorn blessing.

Expect transformation and to be filled with light.

Please note: Some of the audio goes slightly out of sync from time to time during this recording and the picture quality isn’t perfect. As such, the price for this recording has been reduced from £25.00 to £5.50 to compensate. You can purchase it by filling in the form below.

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