Meet the Dragons Zoom Workshop - Part 2

This was the second Dragon event following on from the first Meet the Dragons Zoom Event in order to make a deep connection with some of the other amazing dragons. This event includes:

  1. The SILVER DRAGONS who bring good fortune and show you your special gifts bring you all kinds of prosperity and blessings.
  2. The MAGICAL, MYSTERIOUS RAINBOW DRAGONS who open doors of higher possibilities for you.
  3. The protective, nurturing BLACK DRAGONS who enable your visions to grow and take you through an extraordinary healing.
  4. The gentle GREEN DRAGONS of nature, who will take you into the harmony of the green world to reveal secrets and answer your questions.
  5. The commanding ORANGE DRAGONS who work with your navel chakra to help you build bridges, find oneness and manifest your visions powerfully as they did in the golden era of Atlantis.

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