Meet the Incredible Galactic Dragons

Zoom Workshop Recording

Learn about the extraordinary Galactic Dragons and how they can help you. In this Zoom recording you will meet

  • The AQUAMARINE DRAGONS FROM NEPTUNE wake up your psychic abilities.
  • The planet Neptune has an incredibly high frequency for here the keys and codes of advanced spirituality for this universe are held.
  • THE BRONZE AND YELLOW DRAGONS FROM URANUS take you to Curonay, the part of Uranus that has ascended, to bathe in the vibration of divine transformation. This brings about higher enlightenment.
  • The WHITE PINK DRAGONS FROM VENUS will create a strong, love illuminated link between your heart and the Cosmic Heart.
  • The BLUE GOLD DRAGONS FROM MERCURY clear your karmic patterns so that you can communicate from an enlightened perspective.
  • Travel to the STARGATE OF ARCTURUS with the ORANGE GOLD DRAGONS for empowerment so that you can fulfil your destiny.

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