Mother Mary and the Universal Angel Mary Zoom Workshop with Diana Cooper

Zoom Workshop Recording

Who really was Mother Mary?  I will reveal her past incarnations and her awesome preparation as an Essene to give birth to the Christ, supported by some of the greatest Ascended Masters ever to incarnate.

Experience healing from her in a magical meditation and learn how she can help you in many ways. She will also take you into the Cosmic Heart to fill your personal heart with codes of pure love and compassion.  Here you will receive light from the stars and planets and access your seventh dimensional aspect.

She will enable you to connect with Cherubim who in turn help you connect to your planet of origin.  This brings you a sense of belonging.

Mother Mary is always seen with a unicorn and will take you into the unicorn and fairy kingdoms to experience their wonderful assistance in your life.

We will also connect with Mary, the Queen of Angels, the great aquamarine Universal Angel Mary who overlit Mother Mary during her incarnations and who also looks after you.  This will attune your life to the Divine Feminine energy of the universe and take your life into a higher octave.

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