Receive a Full Body Cellular Upgrade and Activation

11 March 2024
19:00 – 20:00 GMT

About this event

We have recently been granted access to the light codes of Pluto. The energy of Pluto allows us to go through a portal to much higher frequencies. After I had been accessing the light codes available here for a week I had an incredibly vivid experience. I woke suddenly from a very deep space. A surgeon was saying goodbye to me after he had performed spirit surgery. Afterwards Kumeka told me that he was a 10th dimensional Medical Master. Apparently he had worked on my fifth dimensional health blueprint, activating it to a higher level and had also given me a complete full body frequency upgrade at a cellular level. I could certainly feel the difference.

A couple of days later I meditated and went through the portal on Pluto. WOW! I entered a vast space where the Christ light and Archangels Mary, Raphael and Christiel waited. I have never seen such bright light.

During this seminar I have been asked to take participants to Pluto and into this sacred space. Here, held in the light of the Christ and Archangels, Mary, Raphael and Crystal, a team of Medical Masters will be waiting to work with you.

Amma, the Hugging Mother, has 10D Healing Chamber in the etheric above her hospital in Kerala. A team of MAP psychic surgeons work here and they can give you healing and build your fifth dimensional health blueprint. The energy is different from the Pluto healing.

We will also receive healing and a cellular health upgrade from the Pleiadeans and the Arcturians.

We will start by connecting with Archangel Zadkiel to transmute blocks in the time lines of our soul and Archangel Mariel to bring forward health wisdom from our lives on Earth.

During this workshop you will

receive a full body frequency upgrade at a cellular level.

build up your 5D health blueprint.

Enter a high frequency sacred space to work with a team of Medical Masters.

Visit Amma’s 10D healing chamber.

Receive healing from the Pleiadeans and the Arcturians.

Transmute health blocks in the time lines of your soul.

Bring forward health wisdom from past lives.

This health frequency upgrade will help to activate your 12 strands of DNA and build your crystalline light body for the Golden Future. It is very important.



11 March 2024

19:00 – 20:00 GMT