Activate the Codes of Pluto to Raise the frequency of your cells to build your crystalline light body

24 June 2024
19:00-20:00 BST

About this event

This year, for the first time since golden Atlantis we have been able to access silver platinum light codes from Pluto at an 11D frequency. These codes enable us to move into the 6th dimension for higher ascension. When you visit Pluto, Archangel Azriel, the angel of transition, takes you up into the 11th dimension, where there are seven pyramids, each holding different energies. As you accept and activate the light codes within one pyramid, it prepares you to access the codes of the next one. In previous workshops, we have accessed the first two pyramids. Number one raises the frequency of our blood at a cellular level. Number two cleanses and detoxifies the cells of our physical body so that we can fill them with 11D data. We will very briefly revisit these before we download and activate the light codes held in the incredibly important final five pyramids of Pluto.

When all these codes of Pluto are permanently activated you have the keys to building your crystalline light body and living in the 6th dimension as a Master. Your 5D ascension is assured. You can start your journey to 7D ascension. This level of ascension has only previously been possible on Earth during the 1500-year golden era of Atlantis. The time has come for massive spiritual elevation.

During this workshop you will download from Pluto at an 11D frequency

*pink and silver platinum light codes to saturate your cells with pure love.

*blue and silver platinum light codes of communication with love.

*emerald green and silver platinum light codes of abundance and joy

*deep blue light codes of divine truth and integrity

*violet light codes of true spiritual connection

and receive keys to

*activate your crystalline light body

*assure your 5D ascension

*start your journey to 7D ascension

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24 June 2024

19:00-20:00 BST