Be Ready for the Golden Future with Diana Cooper and Robert Holden

27 April 2024
10:00 – 16:30 BST
In Person

About this event

Join Diana Cooper and Robert Holden for a workshop on how to make yourself ready and participate fully in the Golden Future. The Golden Future is about your spiritual growth and the future of our planet.

Together, Diana and Robert will offer a series of inquiries, practices, and meditations to help you say YES to the Golden Future. Diana says, “We are living through the most important time in the entire history of the planet. There are only nine years before the new Golden Age commences in 2032. Currently our task is to create that fifth dimensional world.” What will happen during the next few years? What will it be like in the Golden Future? And how can we raise our frequency?

Diana will share her vision for The Golden Future. She will explain how the old third dimensional paradigm will finally devolve and the new fifth dimensional one will arise. What will the new financial system, jobs, education, housing, community, health services, food growing, technology and government be like? Diana will take you through a beautiful visualisation to experience and activate the new. And we will invoke new high frequency energies that are only now being made available to us, that will powerfully shift us into the upper levels of the fifth dimension. This includes receiving ascension flames, incredible planetary light codes, and an Archangel merge.

Robert will focus on The Golden Thread and on how to recognize the unmistakeable tug of the golden thread that pulls you towards your destiny and higher purpose. He will share stories, teachings, and practices from his latest book Higher Purpose: How to Experience more Inspiration, Meaning, and Purpose in your Life. The Golden Thread is what draws us to each other. It is an unbreakable bond between body and soul, heaven and earth, God and all Her creations. The holy purpose of the Golden Thread is to help you remember that love is your destiny, love is your muse, and that the real work of your life is to a climate change from fear to love in your personal life and on the planet.

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27 April 2024

10:00 – 16:30 BST


Hamworthy Club, Magna Road, Poole. BH21 3AL