Raise the frequency of the World – Ascension Power Boost to the Golden Future


When enough people merge with their Monads we can precipitate humanity and the planet into the Golden Future. Do please be part of this.

About this event

When enough people merge with their Monads we can precipitate humanity and the planet into the Golden Future. Do please be part of this.


During this important day we will facilitate three meditations

* Raise the frequency of your third eye

* Receive a deep Akashic clearing from Adrian Lee

* Merge with your Monad and then


During the meditation to Raise the Frequency of your Third Eye you will

*Dissolve the 7 Veils of Illusion with the help of the dragons

* see through illusion into truth

* open up to abundance

* Create and manifest with love

*see through enlightened eyes


Receive a deep Akashic clearing from Adrian Lee

During a powerful meditation you will

*dissolve all programmes and imprints that hold you back

*remove any soul contracts that no longer serve you

*experience a deep clearing on all levels

During the Merge with your Monad meditation you will

*receive special energies from five Illumined Masters

* allow 12 archangels to awaken your angelic qualities

* experience an archangel ball

* download high frequency cosmic light from the planets

* bathe in 11D codes from Andromeda, Helios & Lyra

*channel higher cosmic light into Gaia so that she radiates golden white, the first time this has been possible in the entire history of the planet.

*petition the Intergalactic Council for help for the Earth

*Serapis Bey will place the White Flame of Atlantis over our planet to light up Earth and dissolve lower frequencies by at least 25%

And our SPECIAL GUESTS Tim Whild, Adrian Lee and Mia Kafkios

*will anchor the 11D light codes from Helios, Andromeda & Lyra into our planet.



raise our frequency so that 8% of humanity can merge with their Monads, their I AM Presence, to enable the planet to shift into a higher dimension.

This is the first time in the entire history of the planet that it has been possible to access and anchor these energies. JOIN THIS MISSION and help this to be achieved.



Tim Whild will anchor the 11D energy of Helios into Earth. He is a High Priest of Arcturus and a Member of the Arcturian Council of 12. Everything in this universe works with 12. Most people think it is a Council of 9 but that is because the three highest Members have been at a higher frequency than we can reach. Tim has taken leave from his role on the Council in order to help Earth with our transition. He spends much time in Helios as a guest on their Council and is literally the only person who can anchor this divine masculine light into our planet. It contains leadership with integrity, justice, protection of the vulnerable, decisions and actions for the highest good. He will anchor the energy for three years.

Tim Whild says, ‘The Intergalactic Council have been preparing me all year for this event. It is so important.’


Adrian Lee will anchor the 11D love from Andromeda, the higher heart of the Universe into Earth. Andromeda has a Council of 12, and the frequency of the top 3 has only just come into our frequency orbit. He is one of the three. He too has taken leave from the Council in order to enable this planetary shift and bring higher love to humanity. The higher love of Andromeda contains a perfect balance of love, peace and wisdom. He will anchor the energy as long as it is needed.

Adrian Lee says, ‘I now know why the Universe has accelerated my spiritual path – to be ready for this life changing day.’


Mia Kafkios will anchor the 11D pure white unicorn light from Lyra. Originally a High Priestess from Lyra was going to anchor this light but she can no longer do so. The Intergalactic Council has given special permission for Mia Kafkios, who is a High Priestess of Andromeda to take over this role and she has signed a new soul contract to anchor this incredible light for the rest of her life.

Mia Kafkios says, ‘Beyond time and space this is one of the most important missions my soul has been assigned to on planet Earth.’