Sleep with the Angels


I wrote this meditation to connect with Mary for my Granddaughter who was having trouble sleeping and now I offer it to you. While it is written for a child, it can also help adults.

About this event

Children become anxious in challenging times so these downloads may be helpful and I’d love to receive any feedback.

My granddaughter, Kailani, who is almost eleven has always had a problem with getting to sleep and then she wakes in the night at least once.  I offered to record a download for her to help her sleep with the angels!  First I asked which angel she would like to be with and she replied instantly, ‘Mary!’  Then I asked why she couldn’t get to sleep and she said all the usual things that everyone, whatever their age, worries about – not doing well enough etc.  So I took her on a journey to be enfolded by Mary and to relax into lots of suggestions to relax well, feel confident, do well, feel liked, know that everything was going to be alright and so on, then go to sleep.  I sent it to her and could hardly believe it.  She has slept easily and deeply without waking every night except one since she started to listen.  So I offer it to you if you need help with sleeping.  While it is written for a child, it can also help adults.  I had a friend with me before I sent it and asked her if she would listen to it..  She fell asleep!!!  It is only fifteen minutes.

I hope you enjoy it and they really help you relax, feel calm and relax.