A Beautiful Blend of Cosmic Archangel Energies

a-beautiful-blend-of-cosmic-archangel-energiesSent in from Maria of her sister Bertha – This is a beautiful Orb and Intergalactic Federation energies photo, above Berthas 3rd eye chakra is a large orb, a beautiful blend of cosmic Archangel energies helping her to awaken into full consciousness. There are Archangel Jophiel (yellow),AA Metatron (golden orange), Raphael (the touch of green),Zadkiel & St.Germain (violet) also Lord Melchizedek is integrating his energy and light to the whole.

Next the truly wonderful cosmic diamond in green on her nose is the Plaedians. They are sending many from their council to connect with the LightWorkers here on Earth. Bertha does have a strong connection to the Intergalactic council and has been travelling in her sleep state to work & learn with The Plaedians at this time. They wish her to acknowledge them hence the green diamond orb showing so clearly in her photo.

The lower turquoise colour orb is Merlin energy. This is one of the streams of energy connected with Bertha and tells me of a connection to the guide with her in the photo who is a Merlin like figure standing behind.

The Intergalactic Council are shown in pure white as the tiny white orb in the centre of the green cosmic diamond. Looking at this orb awakens you into higher consciousness. This is a very pure & high frequency energy and heralds a wake-up energy and a lifting of the lower vibrations.

I see your sister is not from this galaxy or star system but from way beyond and is here under direct guidance from one of the cosmic masters bringing her frequency in to help enlighten others.

She does a lot of work on a sub-conscious level and in her sleep but will be doing more spiritual work in a conscious way very soon.

If you would like a full clairvoyant reading my website is http://www.angelight.uk.com

With love light peace & Angel Blessings

Jacqueline Mary Piper
Diana Cooper Orb Team

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