Diana Cooper’s October 2014 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

I am writing this in France where I am on sabbatical for nine weeks with Venus, my dog, and my friend Rosemary Stephenson.  It is blissful to do nothing for a change except explore the countryside and sit in the sun.  Venus is enjoying it too and has settled in very well.  I don’t think she’ll want to come home again.  This month we offer you her blog, an inspirational story as well as articles about Crystals by Carol Vasconcelos, Rise of the Dragon Elementals from Tim Whild and much more.

Phase 1 of my new website is operational and I’m sure you’ll appreciate the easier layout.  When I return from France we will be expanding it with a second phase.

I do hope you enjoy this month’s newsletter and I am thinking of you all and sending you angels, dragons and unicorns to light your way.

With love and angel blessings

Diana x


We are soon going on sabbatical soon but our naughty grey cat Ash-ting doesn’t seem to have any idea he won’t see us for weeks and is behaving badly to the end.  We bumped into a lady in the next street this morning and she told us that he was lying in the middle of the road as usual when she drove along.  This is his favourite place and he feels King of the Road here.  But this time he refused to move.  In the end she had to get out of her four by four and shoo him.  Still he wouldn’t budge.  It was only when she clapped her hands, feeling quite foolish, that he rose languidly and sauntered to the pavement.  Ash-ting then followed them home and pressed his nose to the conservatory window to drive their dog who was inside, wild!  Sometimes I want to disown that cat!  But then he jumps up and snuggles next to me purring and my heart bursts with love.

I hope he’ll be alright while we are away.  Elizabeth is coming to look after the house and him, with her son Ben and she is bringing that big wild tabby, Brutus with her.  I’m told he’s calmed down and I hope so, though Ash-ting may be small but he’s feisty.

In preparation for this sabbatical apparently Mum has to have a cleansing.  Anyway we have leaks all over the house, buckets are catching water coming through the ceilings, carpets are up.  Mum and I have to sleep in a different bedroom and it is all very disturbing.  The angels say it is a test!  I’m fed up with tests.  I just want to sleep in our bedroom in peace.

Rosemary is coming with us.  I like her for she’s a real dog person.  Her dog Telsa died some years ago but we often see his spirit around.  We collect her from the station and I recognise her immediately… the only person carrying a crystal harp, a case of clothes and another of crystal bowls as well as an overnight bag.

I’m not even going to tell you the muzzle story.  Mum says I have to wear one on the ferry that takes us to Spain and I have to practise with it for a few minutes each day.  All I can say is that black thing clamped on my nose is agony.  I can’t move when she put it on and each day it gets worse not better.  I slump on the ground in it in despair.  Thankfully my friend Arnie, the Yorkie’s Mum, got me a different one which was much better.

And when S Day arrived (sabbatical day) we got on the ferry and I never wore it.  Nor as far as I could see did most of the dogs.  Huh!

The drive through Spain and France was long but we are now in our own gite in Prades and I have settled in beautifully.  There is a resident brown Labrador, Indy, who is 35kilos to my 5, and she lumbers after me like a tank, trying to get me to play.  But would you play with a steam roller?  I nip away into my favourite place – a large flowerbed which is the owner’s pride and joy.  Indy the Lab is not allowed in it but they can’t keep determined Venus out of it.  And I’ve been given permission to play in it partly because they can’t stop me except by keeping me on a lead and also because I’m so dainty that I don’t do any damage.  This morning I spent two happy hours snuffling for lizards under the bark chippings and only ran back to Mum once for a quick drink before dashing back to play.  Mum says it reminds her of having a toddler who spends all day in the sandpit and refuses to come out.  Let her enjoy her memories.  I’m in heaven.

Mind you it is a strange hot place with bizarre smelling markets.  We saw a man striding through the crowds carrying a white cat on his shoulders, balancing with its paws on his head.  An old man shuffled over to our table and gave us a strange mushroom which is apparently a great delicacy and we are taking Indy on walks with us to the streams and up the mountain.  If this is sabbatical give me more.

Lots of love


Venus BoatV & D Cafe

Inspirational Story


This story was sent to me by Karen Oliver who makes wonderful crystal bead bracelets.  I have several and especially love my Mahatma bracelet and wear it all the time, feeling I am spreading Mahatma energy wherever I go.  I also really love my Violet Flame bracelet and so many than I can’t choose which I like best.  You can find them on www.aurabeads.co.uk

We met Steve’s cousin Joanne and her two daughters for dinner in the hotel Bistro and afterwards the girls asked to see our hotel room. We came up to our room for a chat in comfort! Anyway, I was showing the girls some of my angel bracelets.  I also had some Aura-Soma Archangel spray of Archangel Raphael in my bag, so I sprayed their auras for them and I told them to close their eyes and ask to be close to the angels. Well, they loved it! We stood up while I sprayed, and when we went to sit back down again, there was a white feather on my leather chair! The girls who know nothing about angels, said straight away it was an angel feather and were mystified as to where it came from! It most certainly hadn’t been there moments before! Total converts – they then wanted me to talk to them for ages about angels!

I just thought you would like to hear about it!!

Karen Oliver

Angel Awareness Day 2014


Sunday 30th November 11am – 5pm

Diana will explain what is happening energetically on Earth right now and how the angels can help you with your own individual changes and challenges.  You will connect with Archangel Gabriel for clarity about your life and he will place into your chakras your fifth dimensional blueprint containing all the light codes you need to fulfil your true destiny.  Within each will be anchored his diamond of wisdom.

You will connect to lady Gaia to receive the original invitation for this lifetime to help you feel safe and belonging on Earth.

Rosemary will bring you into harmony by playing the notes you need in your aura.  She will then connect you to your individual planet with her magical crystal harp to help you move forward in life and beyond your challenges.

Bringing in these higher energies will enable you to help the animal kingdom.  They are on their own soul mission and many are highly evolved.  It is time to open our hearts so that we can acknowledge and understand them.  Diana will share a spiritual perspective on the animal kingdom and take you on a wonderful meditation to connect with the Angel of Animals to help all creatures on the planet.  With exercises and visualizations the angels will strengthen your ability to communicate with the animals. Rosemary will raise the frequency with her magical crystal bowls and will encourage everyone to sing gloriously to heal animals, humans and the entire world.  The angels will join in.

Contact Rosemary Stephenson


email Rosemary for further detail or to book tickets: rosemary@celestiallighthealers.com

Venue: Crewe Hall, Crewe, Cheshire.   

Ticket price £55 per person


Crystals and Children by Carol De Vasconcelos

Crystals have been part of my life for many years now, but when I first started working with them I did not really have a clue as to how the energy really worked.  Over time I have come to realize that every crystal has a very different energy and even if it is the same kind of crystals the energy is always special to the person working with it.  Children love crystals and are fascinated by them as they can feel the vibrations, tumbled stones are good for them to start out with as they have no sharp points,  it is no secret that they are drawn to the perfect crystal for them.

I have used crystals on my grandchildren in an experimental capacity and have always been amazed at the results.

When my first grandson Matthew was born I looked after him and had the opportunity to have a firsthand experience of the power of crystals.  I used five rather large Rose Quartz and placed them in a circle around him, we were playing he was about six month old, and seemed to enjoy sitting in the circle of crystals.  When his parents fetched him later that afternoon they went home and the next morning they told me that he was up for most of the night, he was not sleepy, he was energized but happy.

I realized that I had energized Matthew probably because the Rose Quartz were rather large and quite a few. Then I started to try many different crystals on my grandchildren when they came to visit and I have found that the way to assist a child to sleep soundly is to place four small Rose Quartz crystals at the four corners of the bed or cot, or if you wish place them under the mattress.

Clear Quartz is a good choice as the first crystal for children as this crystal contains all the colours of the rainbow and will assist with negativity, clarity and with any issue that may be in the body.

Blue Lace Agate is a wonderful stone to have close to a child as it bring in calmness and peace and help them to express themselves in a peaceful way.

Amethyst is a wonderful stone for nightmares so you can place this under the pillow or by the bed, or you can make up a magic spray simply by filling a spray bottle with mineral water placing a few drops of Lavender essence into it and placing an Amethyst crystal inside it.  This needs to draw for a day and then you simply spray it around the bed, this can be used for animals as well in the same way.

Moonstones are for emotional issues and hyperactivity in children.  You can give them a tumbled crystal and let them hold it in their hand or rub it on their forehead, or use it instinctively where it is needed.

Tigers Eye is a grounding stone. Sometimes children get carried away and get lost in their dream world; it helps to pull them back to reality. This stone is also very useful to help put thoughts into action. It also provides them with self esteem.

Amber is great for assisting babies with teething. You get a lovely necklace which you can purchase at all the esoteric shops and this truly works for teething.

Fluorite assists if you are still battling with teething. A tumbled stone of fluorite will assist and you can place this under the pillow or in the pillow of your child. (Always make sure the stones are not able to be swallowed or placed where the baby/child cannot get to it)

Make sure that any crystals your child chooses are tumbled and not too small, as this will help prevent pieces breaking off.

I would also advise all crystal be cleansed and programmed for the task they are going to perform.

Clearing the crystals

Very simply give your crystals a bath, you place them in water and wash them until you feel they are clean. They love water and might jump out of the bath. After you have washed them, dry them in the sun for about an hour.

Then hold the crystal in your hand and tell it what you would like it to do for you……..keep it simple……… “Please help me to sleep soundly “, “Thank you”

Crystals need to be cleared once a week

Ways of using crystals:

  • Worn on the body, in a pouch or pocket.
  • Kept under a pillow or tucked inside a dream pillow.
  • Placed in bathwater or in the room.
  • Held for a period of time in the hands and may also be used to rub on the body.

These are just a few of the many wonderful properties of crystals. If you wish to know more do not hesitate to contact me on carol@angelawareness.co.za or www.angelawareness.co.za or 084-500-1478

crystals with carol

Secret Alchemy- Archangel Uriel Spray

This spray can help us when we want to bring peace, understanding and cooperation between couples/ relationships.

General Effect: Supports the growth of clear intuitive awareness. The higher wisdom and guidance rises in the conscious mind. Brings peace, clears nervousness, stress and anxiety. Reduces competition and hostility in our life. Instills positive emotions of love, peace and cooperation in our environment. Harmonizes every interpersonal or group conflict. Removes prejudices. Especially useful for couples, helping to open themselves more in a harmonious way.Correspondence: Root & Heart Chakra.Qualities: Intuitive Awareness, Peacemaker, Divine Light, Right Choices.

Fragrance: Gardenia, sweet, rich.

Affirmation: I let go of struggle and I allow Spirit to reveal the best for me!

You can purchase it here: www.angelshouse.eu/en

uriel8 (1)

Healing Invocation to Archangel Uriel

This invocation will help you contact the energy of Archangel Uriel for blessing and to release unwanted relationship patterns. Take a few moments to center yourself by taking a few deep breaths and letting go of any worries. At this point you may use the Secret Alchemy Spray or the Roll on to enhance your connection with Archangel Uriel.

Becoming aware of the stillness of your body for a few moments, feel the warmth building up in your heart. Open yourself with love, become receptive to the highest angelic energies.

“I invoke Archangel Uriel to now make me a channel of his healing energies and help me open my heart… Archangel Uriel, surround my aura and fill my heart with your loving energies… I pray and ask that the Divine Light brought by Archangel Uriel be infused and anchored in my chakra column, now!… Archangel Uriel please send your energies to all of my relationships and transmute all the stuck energies and negative emotions… bringing cooperation, communication, peace and understanding!…”

Take some time between the invocations to really feel the energies. Sit in meditation for as long as you wish and in order to assimilate the healing. You may also use any visualization during this meditation. Before closing give thanks to Archangel Uriel and release the energies back to source.

Orb of the Month

Sent in from Mayumi, this wonderful Orb contains the energy of Archangel Zadkiel (transmutation) and Archangel Chamuel (love). Travelling along with these powerful Archangels is a Planetary Master (not from Earth) who has been directed by the Intergalactic Council to oversee the clean-up of the nuclear fall-out at Fukushima and this is what I’m picking up from this Planetary Master: – The Intergalactic Council feel that as the current proposals to clean up the nuclear waste at Fukushima are not working, there will be new ideas placed into minds of those that are receptive and willing to listen. Look to nature, as the planet has many ways of healing itself. Work with the elementals and ask them to help bring forward these changes. There are ways to clean up the effects of the nuclear fall-out and these ways are simpler than people realise and these simple ways are being over-looked. Don’t treat with toxins as this will create more toxins. I get a strong feeling to look to the minds of the young.


A Guide to Archangel Ascension

Tim Whild and I have now finished A Guide to Archangel Ascension and I sent it to Hay House, the publishers, just before I left for my holiday.  We were so delighted with the response from them that I wanted to share it.  ‘What an extraordinary body of work!  A really clear guidebook for people to attune and empower themselves.  I think you have done a great job.’  The book will be published in March.  It has been overseen by Archangel Metatron who vibrates on the number 55, so there are 55 Steps to the Light in it.  It really is awesome and I can’t wait for people to read it.

Rise of the Dragon Elementals By Tim Whild

We share our ascending realm with a vast array of beautiful, dedicated Elemental beings.
These forms of conscious life occupy a vibratory structure that is higher than ours at present. This makes our dimension, and their dimension, a tangible layer away from what we perceive as ‘reality’.

The closest to us all, by far, are the Dragon Elementals. The Dragon Elementals are currently filling the upper levels of the fourth and fifth dimension,with a teeming and colourful array of high frequency activity.

These beings have always been with us, representing the four primary elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. North, South, East and West and so forth, and have done so since the dawn of Lemuria.

In October last year, in harmony with the rising planetary dynamics, the Lemurian portal in Honolulu activated at a fifth dimensional frequency.
On that day, the Dragon population increased to easily match the ratio of human life here on Earth.

As with all occurrences on this planet, there is always a higher plan, and these beautiful and powerful beings joined us on mass for a very good reason.

They are our colleagues, allies and best friends.

The four elements represented work ceaselessly to ensure that the flow of energy to this planet is met with a clear and nurtured physical template.
The waters are kept illuminated with high frequency light. The land is reworked constantly to allow the higher flows to travel round to the new Ley Lines and grid points. The air carries the subsonic vibrations of the Angelic harmonies. The fires keep the constant movement of density transmutation to an optimum level.
The work is always flowing, and they are just as an integral part of this vibration shift as we are.

Prior to the Cosmic Moment of 2012, an agreement with the Elemental Masters of Lemuria, Hollow Earth and Archangel Gabriel saw the Dragon Forces taking on an even greater role.
As an already ascended realm of beings, a vast number offered themselves in service to this planet by adopting a denser form of energy. This structure, vibrating at 4d, has enabled the dragons to quite literally enter our sphere of reality and directly assist us with the everyday intricacies of moving through our personal ascension process.

We owe them a debt of deep gratitude for this.

By writing this, I hope to raise awareness of our friends, and dispel any illusion that is carried within the old consensus reality of our paradigm.

Firstly, Dragons are Dragons.
They look exactly like the pictures channeled into folklore.
They breath fire, inhabit deep quiet places, and they don’t like being disturbed while they are busy or asleep.
They have intricate and individual personalities, just like humans. They are deeply loving and sensitive to everything that occurs on this planet.
They love to be acknowledged, and will do anything for anyone if the request is issued from an open and loving heart.
They are, without doubt, as critical to the ascension process here as the presence of Light itself.

And they want as many souls, in all levels of learning and awareness, to acknowledge their presence and start working with them.
There is no ‘user manual’ or ‘do’s and dont’s’ when asking these beings to assist. Just remember that gratitude, please and thankyou, is appreciated in any dimension in any corner of the Universe.

It was brought to my attention very recently, and confirmed by my friend Mark at Avalon Skulls, that a new Dragon energy is now rising in the Heart of Avalon.
We can now welcome the return of the Black Dragons to the world we live in.
They have slept since the Fall of Atlantis, guarding the Gateway to the Planetary Heart chakra, and now they are waking again.

The Black Dragons represent the Earth element. Wound intricately into the fifth dimensional heart chakra template of Avalon, the sharp rise in frequency there has now triggered them. This incredible activity is further confirmation of the amazing progress that we, and our planet are now making.
The Black Dragons, when fully active will hold the energy, vibration and knowledge to spread a brand new grid of liquid light around the New Earth.
They are here now, and are waiting for us to connect with them.

On a final note, all dragons love healing energy.
Whatever element you feel drawn to connect with, call in light, Angels and blessings to help them on their journey.
Enjoy them, they are here to stay.

As Within So Without
As Above So Below

Love Tim/Thoth

Calling Primary School Teachers By Susan Browne

Do you think that children could benefit from being taught life skills through visualisations, activities, stories and exercises which would also help to manage and develop their gifts and sensitivities? This weekend I met with Diana and Ciara Kennedy to discuss the children’s section of the website. We had a fantastic weekend with lots of ideas about how to bring wellness tools and spirituality to children in this new age where children are becoming more sensitive. We want to support teachers in bringing this into the classroom in a practical way and are open to suggestions and ideas from teachers. We also want to support parents who are home schooling and may like to explore this with their children. If you would like to sample some of the exercises or visualisations for your class or group and offer us feedback on them we’d love to hear from you.

Email Ciara at: ciarakennedysln@gmail.com
Susan Browne atlight.life.learning@gmail.com
Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook- www.facebook.com/DianaCooperChildrensCorn

Fabulous Organic – get a free body lotion!Hi everyone, we just wanted to let you know our latest offer. If you place an order worth over £30* we will include a free 50ml Archangel Raphael body lotion. If you place an order over £70* we’ll upgrade this to a free 250ml bottle. This offer is valid until Sunday 12th October 2014.

If you’re not familiar with our products, you can choose from: Organic Lavender and Frankincense body lotion – blessed with Archangel Gabriel energy to help you make the right decisions easily.

Organic Rosemary and Cedarwood body lotion – blessed with Archangel Michael energy to give you courage, strength and protection.

Organic unscented body lotion with Aloe Vera – blessed with Archangel Raphael energy to bring you healing and abundance.

Wishing you a wonderful October
With love and light
Dawn and Barry

*excl p&p. Free delivery on UK orders over £50.
Angel SKY

An extract from my latest Children’s Book, Finn’s Space Adventures: The Golden Trumpet

Captain Ambrose was looking thoughtfully at the computer of the spaceship as the three kids arrived. He turned to them with a broad smile. ‘Are you ready for a special quest?’ he asked. Finn’s green eyes glinted with anticipation. A quest! Whatever could it be this time? He grinned at Agapay and Vaz and they all said ‘Yes!’ in unison. Agapay had her ankle bandaged. She’d sprained it in a fall but she was not going to let that stop her. ‘What is it?’ she asked. ‘We want you to go to a golden planet and bring back the golden Trumpet.’ Questions flew round Finn’s brain like a flock of birds. ‘What’s the golden Trumpet?’ he asked.

Captain Ambrose became serious. ‘Okay, Kids. It will be a challenge. The golden Trumpet has a specific note. It is sounded every 260,000 years throughout the universes to call volunteers to bring peace to Earth. ‘But why can’t you get it?’ queried Vaz. ‘Ah,’ replied Captain Ambrose. ‘It’s guarded by fire dragons and only humans can face them. That’s why it’s a special quest.’ ‘Fire dragons!’ exclaimed Agapay in horror. ‘We’ll look after you,’ Finn promised her protectively. Then he gulped, ‘Fire dragons!’

‘It is vitally important and if you bring the golden Trumpet home you will receive a special gift,’ Captain Ambrose told them.

That sounded good but whatever could it be? They already had their individual gifts, of course: Finn could make things materialize with his thoughts, Agapay could communicate with all species and Vaz could make people invisible. Still wondering to themselves what this new gift could be, the children nodded to show that they would accept the challenge. With that, they instantly found themselves in their spacesuits. The captain smiled, tapped something on the computer, then vanished. The craft whirred. The children felt a slight movement and then a bump. As they landed the screen said ARRIVED DESTINATION GOLDEN EARTH.

Through the window of the craft they could see a beautiful,bright world. Trees shimmered emerald. Fountains sparkled like diamonds. Flowers radiated a million colours. Tall people appeared outside the craft like magic. golden light glowed round them and all were smiling a welcome.

Finn pressed the button to open the door of the spacecraft. As they stepped into the new world they immediately felt happy and optimistic. ‘Wow!’ exclaimed Agapay as light from the welcome party reached out and surrounded her. It made her feel so good.

Out October 30th – available now to pre-order HERE

Finn book

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