Angel of Love Protected by Archangel Michael

angel-of-love-protected-by-archangel-michaelSent in by Jackie – The angels are using the reflective sun light to transmit their qualities. The orbs are positioned one above the other to bring down and anchor their qualities. At the top, looking like a tail, an angel of Love (white) protected by Archangel Michael (blue). The very bright green orb is Archangel Purlimiek (the Angel of Nature) merged with an Angel of Love, actively transmitting healing and love, this is surrounded by Archangel Michael’s blue protective light. Further down a smaller pinkish orb, containing Archangel Chamuel’s pink love energy. The bright white orbs further down are Angels of Love. Looking at this picture reminds us that there is magic in our gardens and to send healing and love to nature.

Love and Light
Diana Cooper Orb Team

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