Archangel Azriel’s Angels

archangel-azriels-angelsSent in from Ann-Sofi in Finland – This really interesting photograph show a portal which contains many of Archangel Azriel’s Angels who are working together and holding the light for many souls who have passed over. Archangel Azriel is the Angel of death and because humans have been given free will he cannot make a soul move into the light as they leave their body. Some may have experienced a traumatic passing and are in shock so they cannot see the Angels who have come to collect them, others may have taken substances that prevent them seeing the light but Archangel Azriel’s Angels will remain with them until they feel able to move forward. This is something we can all send our prayers for to help with this. This is a very special place.

Wishing you Love, Light and Angel Blessings

Barbara Howard
Diana Cooper Orb Team

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