Archangel Energies

Archangels-energiesSent in by Sigrid, which was taken after a spiritual ceremony in nature.

In this beautiful wedding photograph some of the colours in the image are rays of light rather than orbs, however the Archangels still work within these energies. As there are so many orbs and colours in this photograph, I will start at the very top and work my way down to the large orb on the ground.

  • Groom’s head: Archangels Chamuel (love) and Gabriel (purity).
  • Over Groom’s face: The Christ energy
  • Over Groom’s chest: Archangel Michael (protection and truth)
  • Over Bride’s hand: Mother Mary
  • Near Bride’s waist: Archangels Uriel (peace) and Metatron (wisdom & ascension)
  • Very small dot on veil: Archangels Purlimiek (nature & elementals) and Gabriel (purity)
  • Small green orb with white centre on Bride’s leg: Archangel Raphael (healing) carrying energy from the stars and the Moon
  • Large orange orbs: Archangel Uriel (peace) and Metatron (wisdom & ascension)
  • Blue/green orb: Archangel Purlimiek (nature & elementals) and Mother Mary
  • Green with orange edge: Archangels Raphael (healing) and Uriel (peace)
  • Large orb on the ground: Archangels Zadkiel (transmutation) and Uriel (peace)

Kind regards and Namaste

The Diana Cooper Orb Team
Janet Lawson

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