The Archangel of Nature




The translucent pale green white orb at the top of the picture is Purlimiek,he is the Archangel of Nature. He is actively transmitting his energies to this place.

There is also much reflective light here in this picture and sacred geometry being used by the angels to transmit higher qualities.

The rainbow orb contains many of the Archangel energies. The green is Archangel Raphael transmitting healing and abundance, the blue is Archangel Michael transmitting protection and courage, the pink is Archangel Chamuel transmitting love and compassion, the violet is Archangel Zadkiel helping with change and transmutation and the red is Archangel Metatron bringing ascension energies and wisdom, the yellow is Archangel Uriel bringing peace and confidence. Looking at this picture you get an ascension boost and you are reminded that we are one with the Kingdom of Nature.

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