Cosmic Currents from Butyalil and Archangel Raphael

greenSent in from Lee

These orbs are truly amazing. Their geometry is sacred, transmitting wholeness.  The large green orb on the left is Archangel Raphael transmitting healing.  The smaller green healing circle by the nose has Butyalil, the Universal Angel in charge of the cosmic currents holding its centre with his white light to help grounding the energy.  Connected to this circle is a diamond shape of green and white light pushing the light forward to make it more effective. All of this is accompanied by a trail of
beautiful rainbow coloured orbs coming over the shoulder and moving up to
the ears.  They are bringing in the vibration of movement and sound, they
are the angels dancing and singing, transmitting joy and healing. Looking at
this picture you get a boost of higher healing and bliss, it enhances your
senses and raises your awareness.


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