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The mighty Seraphim Bhokpi has stepped into this universe to oversee the bird kingdom.  When you attune to him he places his transparent Orb of light over you, so that you can connect more easily with the birds and receive their messages.   

During an Archangel attunement you merge deeply with the energy of the Archangel until you vibrate together.  The difference between connecting with an Archangel and attuning to it compares to the difference between listening to music and tuning into the essence of it.

When I wrote these I connected with each Archangel to understand how they wanted to do their particular attunement for they are all different.  Then I sat quietly and waited for the Archangel to speak through me before I recorded them.  In this way the vibration of each Archangel comes through.

I do hope you enjoy them and that they change your life.