Karelena’s Tree

Karleena's Tree

It’s a colourful picture which reflects your personality! The colours which you have chosen are young, fresh and bright and make a positive statement. Again the positivity reflects aspects of your Self.

The brown of the tree is as most tree colours are – brown – which shows that you have a sense of realism about you. While you are creative you do have your feet firmly placed on the ground and your drawing highlights this as your tree has a solid trunk with good strong roots going into the ground.

There are lots of bright green young spring-like leaves indicating new growth, vitality and healing. The new growth starts in the past and continues through your future. This new growth is partly in conflict with the ‘age’ of the tree again suggesting a new vision or new direction for you. The newness of the leaves compared to the oldness of the tree also shows it has been a struggle to survive but you have and you are growing now. Whatever your idea or vision is rest assured it is based on a solid foundation of wisdom and knowledge. A tree does not grow to have a big trunk like yours without surviving a few storms! Know that your inner wisdom comes from a deep understanding based on your own past experiences.

The spread of the tree is a bit confined on the page and thus gives the impression of being stifled – that you are not using your full potential at the moment. Is this perhaps how you feel at the moment? Give some thought as to how you could expand and allow yourself growth space. Could this be by giving yourself more time to think of new ways to develop? Or perhaps clearing our clutter from your life – this could be old ideas, clothes anything you feel no longer serves your purpose. Make room for the new!

There are lots of branches, lots of ideas going in all sorts of directions highlighting your ability for creativity thinking. The direction of the branches tend to overlap in places with some drooping here and there which suggests you are being weighted down and there is little room for expansion at the present. This suggested feeling could be either emotional or physical. Does this make sense to you at all?

The heavier strokes creating a shadow down the left side of the tree suggests a fairly recent trauma to do with a masculine energy. The heart symbol is a beautiful sign of love. However it is outlined in blue which mixes with the pink to give a purplish bruised hue. The arrow within the heart is pointing downwards suggesting a bruised heart in the recent past which has deeply affected your whole self emotionally and physically. On the more positive side the size of the heart is big and shows your warm and loving personality.

The fresh green grass is nourishing your roots and the flowers in bloom add colour too which is lovely and indicates that the tree is being nurtured and cared for. However, the flowers are in the shade of the tree which suggests you have hidden potential yet to be seen – make it visible, be seen. Take a moment to think about how you could make yourself more visible to others?

Other symbols in your drawing:

Red Arrow – red is an energy colour and the rocket is taking off in the future direction both of which are strong positive indicators for you. The arrow is at ground level at this moment in time which suggests that you still have ground work to do before it takes off skywards. The size of the arrow suggests you are working hard to get that momentum going. A few of the very defined red lines are pointing to your roots and your root chakra which may link to period problems of some kind or that you may feel you are unable to move forward freely in the direction you wish to go in. Does this make sense to you at all? What would you need to do to free yourself? Any ideas?

Rainbow – this is a beautiful spiritual light, full of colour and hope – an optimistic symbol. It links the now to a bright future and is a wonderful symbol to have drawn.

Purple Star – the red lines usually suggests energy but the feeling here is that it seems to be more hidden anger or resentment underneath – like you’re being put upon. You are doing it whatever ‘it’ means to you – smilingly, but you don’t like it. Being true to yourself means being honest with others not in a brutal way but in a way that helps you and them develop spiritually. You may disagree with me here on this and that’s fine too. Only you know, in your heart, the true representation of these symbols. The star symbol is important as you have star potential and it shines (coloured in with) a beautiful violet colour, the colour of transformation and is an indicator of change within and around you. The star represents hope and you show in your drawing that you are forward looking and eager about the future.


You are a wonderfully creative, loving person who needs to allow yourself space to grow and develop to fully realise the true potential within yourself.

Your angelic guidance is to connect with Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Raphael and ask them to bring in their gifts of clarity and healing energy to help support you on your journey.

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