Dragons are wise, open-hearted beings. They are part of the angelic kingdom, though many of them operate at a lower frequency than angels.  Because of this they can delve into deep dense energy to clear it in a way that angels cannot.

They are elemental beings, so they have up to three of the elements, fire, earth, air or water.

Lemurian Dragons

These fourth dimensional elemental dragons truly love Earth and humanity. At the end of the Golden Age of Lemuria the beings of Lemuria created awesome crystals to help us during the period we are living in now, 2012 to 2032. The dragons helped place them into the land and they were programmed to wake up in 2012. The intention was that they would heal our planet and light it up from inside.

Other Dragons

Dragon portals started to open in 2012 allowing waves of dragons to come to Earth to assist us.  Glorious high frequency dragons are working with us, protecting, healing, filling us with Christ light and serving us in many ways.
The Archangels have teams of dragons who do their bidding and are accelerating our ascension.
Galactic Dragons are coming to our planet for the first time in ten thousand years to guide us and bring us the wisdom of the stars.

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