Phoebe’s Tree

Phoebe's Tree
Phoebe’s Tree
Dear Phoebe,

Firstly I would like to start the interpretation by making some key points about my interpretation. As in all intuitive readings what I am seeing is an interpretation – other people doing the same may have very different perceptions.

Secondly spontaneous drawings give an insight into what we may be thinking, feeling or believe at a particular moment in time. This can change as our perceptions change. So what you draw today may not be exactly the same as what you draw next week.

Thirdly if there are things from the interpretation which you want to change in your life re-draw the tree the way you would like it to be and this helps to programme the unconscious mind to change.


Firstly the colours you have chosen: the warm browns, greens yellow and oranges suggest that you have a strong connection with nature. You also have birds and elementals in your picture – which re-enforces this. I would suspect that as a child (and perhaps now) you can see or sense elementals and fairies. When I look at the picture it’s almost like a tree from an enchanted forest. There is a bird sheltering in your tree which suggests that you are currently nourishing or sheltering another younger person. The nest is high up in the tree again perhaps you want to ensure that the other person is protected from harm, so you placed them high up. The bird is blue and the nest a rich gold colour – this is a very intuitive and wise soul you look after. (this can also be your own inner child) There appears to be barbed wire around the upper branches which clearly reinforce that this person is very precious and must be safe.

You also have an abundance of fruit in your tree which means that at the moment you have a sense of harvest or abundance in your life. (although this may not be on all levels)

The upper branches of the tree which relate to your connection with your higher self are very restricted in your drawing. Is your spiritual development currently on hold or restricted by your current circumstances or misconceptions of your gifts, talents and abilities? Also both sides of the tree (masculine and feminine) have a trailing branch – they may look as if they are creating balance and stability but downward facing branches indicate that something is “weighing you down”. Is your perception about your ability to create what you want in your life hindered by your perception of how you will achieve this?

The trunk of the tree is your physical presence. Although it is strong there are 2 significant trauma points. Consider that the trunk of the tree has chakras (just as we do in our physical body) There is a trauma at your sacral chakra and your third eye chakra. This would re-enforce the message re the trailing branches but also indicate that an event in your earlier life has not healed yet – there is still red flowing from the wound.

Your roots are very strong – and this is your connection to Lady Gaia and the planet. You have drawn a small pond with one of your roots being fed or nourished by the pure blue water – again indicating that nature soothes your soul and is an intrinsic and important part of your life.

The leaves on your tree do not seem to be connected to the branches of the tree in any way – they are drawn almost as a background feature. This implies that you do have lots of ideas, dreams and visions – however there is no place for them to go (at the moment).

The sun represents your power. It is on the left hand side of the page which is both the past and the divine feminine. It would appear that your power and creativity are not shining bright at the moment.

You have also written something in the bottom left hand side of the page which I cannot decipher. Do you feel that you are misunderstood or people misinterpit you on some level?

Summary and Conclusion

From what you have drawn you are an amazing strong insightful and sensitive person who has come to this planet with a very special gift which has not yet been fully understood or accepted by you.

I would encourage you to call in Archangel Raphael and Archangel Chamuel to heal whatever trauma has led to your perceptions about who you are and your gifts, skills and talents. Archangel Raphael will also help to clear and fully open your third eye chakra.

You are also being called by the Moon Goddess (divine feminine energy) to connect with her, and with Lady Gaia and the elementals – they have very special guidance and inspirational work for you to undertake as part of your mission on earth.

Your love and passion for nature will open up ancient wisdom from the mystery schools and help others to understand and be fully grounded on the planet. Those people may be from all walks of life however I feel there is a special connecting with children (or the inner child essence of people). You have a magic and inspirational energy. Do not be too concerned at the moment about the how things will unfold. Your starting point is to be fully open to the wisdom of nature and the angels and guides and to OWN and ACCEPT your magnificence.

I have Mother Mary with me at the moment and she reminds you that you are much loved and much needed and very precious. Open your heart to fully accepting the love of your Angels and guides. They will always be with you gently inspiring you. Dream and vision again dearest wise one.

Yours in divine service

Elizabeth Ann
Principal – Diana Cooper Foundation

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