The Magic of Unicorns Oracle Cards

I am really pleased that my new Unicorn Cards are being published in July. They are very high frequency and really stunning, beautifully illustrated by Marjolein Kruijt. The magnificent pure white unicorns are pouring into the planet now to help us all with ascension and these new Unicorn Cards take you through your own ascension journey. They are very powerful for each card takes you on a step of your ascension journey. You can work through the 44 steps to ascension with the unicorns or chose a random card that will guide you on your highest spiritual path for that day. In the accompanying booklet there is a brief visualisation or exercise that you can practise to deepen your connection. I know that the unicorns through these cards have pushed me forward on my ascension journey. If you really want to ascend in this lifetime these cards will support and illuminate you.

How The Unicorn Oracle Cards help You

I absolutely love the Unicorn Oracle Cards.

They enable you to connect with and learn about the Unicorn.

You can use them for personal guidance or to do readings.

Working with them accelerates your spiritual growth.

The Unicorns are looking for people to work with them. The time is now.

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