Purification and Ascension

orbSent in by Line – This beautiful Orb is one of Purification and Ascension. It contains energies from some of the Master Beings of Light guiding this planet at present. It is very high frequency and has been attracted by your own spiritual light & vibrations into your vicinity. If you gaze in soft focus at this Orb there is a clear Crystal Skull visible in the centre.

The Orb carries 6th & 7th dimensional light which is encoded with sacred geometry which ‘wakes up’ initiates of the old systems of light on Earth. You are carrying these frequencies in your Light Body (Auric field ) which is why it is connecting to you and assisting in your Soul awakening to your Divine blueprint.

The Orb downloads Sacred Wisdom from The Universe to you as you look at it. The Orb provides a portal or gateway for you to access Higher Frequencies of Light. There are three main Master energies combined within the Orb ; A Master from Orion the star system accompanied by those from the Star system Sirius and Andromeda.

Light from a Nubula way beyond those constellation is included which is interesting, there are life forces of light involved in the Nebula’s as well as on the stars. There is also an energy influence from Pluto offering change.

The Orb has travelled through an Interstellar Gateway on Earth at Macchu Picchu. It is part of the Divine consciousness sent out to meet and connect with those ready to accept this light on a conscious or unconscious level. Looking at the Orb awakens those who are ready to accept a higher frequency of light into their being.

It is a wonderful Orb and thank you for sending it in to us.

Jacqueline Mary Piper
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