Diana Cooper’s January 2015 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Welcome to my first newsletter of the year. This is numerologically an 8 year, one of infinite potential for the planet and you as an individual. For those who have cleared their stuff the sky is the limit. With nothing to hold you back the universe is supporting your visions and hopes. This is a year to fulfil your divine potential.

For some there will be things yet to deal with but with huge energy shifts taking place everywhere, with activations being actioned and the crystalline grids forming rapidly, millions of hearts will open by the spring. And so the winds of change will blow. Dinosaur institutions will continue to flounder. The old paradigm is getting weaker as the new one overlays it. This year brings love, compassion and expansion for those who are ready.

If you have wanted to make a change for a while, now is the time. Hold your vision and ask like-minded others to hold it too. We can all help each other forward and remember to call on your unicorn to help you fulfil your soul vision.

Congratulations to all the students who completed the Correspondence Course last year. We had a record number of students as the joy of this course spreads. I love to read their feedback and many of them have told me they found it so inspiring to learn about the angels and connect with them while they were sitting in the comfort of their own home. And how easy it was to fit in with their lives as it is so flexible. The other thing that students love is having a personal tutor on hand. Most important of all working with the angels really transforms people’s lives. Why not do the course this winter? Click HERE for further information.

I personally am looking forward to 2015. A Guide to Archangel Ascension that I wrote with Tim Whild is being published by Hay House in March. This is a stunning book sharing how to access all the high frequency energies that have come in since the cosmic moment in 2012. And I am just revising Venus in France, The Spiritual Diary of a Dog on Holiday, ready to be sent to the publishers which I absolutely love! A new exciting Unicorn game is coming out in the autumn and I am writing a sequel to Finn’s Space Adventures with 9 year old Finn himself. At present I am working with a friend to write scripts for the Tara and her Magical Talking Kittens. The angels keep telling me it will be made into a TV series and, as always, I have to put the work in. (Actually it is fun). If you have any TV production company contacts please let me know!

One month last year my Facebook impressions reached 14.5 million! An impression is the number of people it is sent to and then forwarded to, so some may have received the posts more than once. Nevertheless it is awesome. The angels really are sending their messages out!

I tried to move nearer my children last year but the angels told me the timing was wrong or more correctly that other things came in that took precedence over the move. So I am getting the house ready to put on the market in the Spring. It will be lovely to be nearer some of my grandchildren. Venus an Ash-ting, my dog and cat, will enjoy all the extra attention too.

Most of all enjoy 2015.

May the angels enfold you in your wings and give you strength and hope,

Love Diana x

Inspirational Story – Focus on your vision

A friend of mine’s daughter, Lisa, was separating from her partner. She held a vision very positively of buying a three bed house for herself and the children and a separate house for her partner. She constantly lit candles to this vision. The only problem was they didn’t have enough money.

She did their house up and sold it at the top of the market even though they both had to move into rental property. Even with her share of the house as a deposit she could not get a mortgage, nor could her partner. She continued to hold the vision for both of them, knowing that the universe would make it happen if it was for the highest good.

Unexpectedly a relation lent her the mortgage money and she bought a comfortable, safe house for herself and the children where they all felt at home.

There still seemed no way for her partner to get out of a rented apartment but they held the vision of him in his own house. All of a sudden he managed to get a mortgage but it would not only buy him a two bedroomed apartment, not so good for their children. They held the vision. A few weeks later a three bedroomed property appeared on the internet at a low price because the bedrooms and bathroom were so small. His friends told him not to bother going to see it. However, something prompted him to look and he felt it was big enough. He made an offer which was accepted because no one was interested in seeing the house. On his second visit he took a tape and measured the bedrooms and bathroom. The estate agent had measured them wrongly. The upstairs rooms were 13” (33cms) bigger in both directions than advertised. He felt the angels had ensured he received a house big enough for himself and the children.

So hold your vision.

Inspirational Story- Bella the Dog

This heart warming story was kindly sent in to me from one of my readers……. Bella my dog escaped out of the back door of our home in Newquay Cornwall on a hot July afternoon (13th July 2014) I searched high and low for her by every means that I could think of including conventional searching methods, creating a facebook page FindBella (with 2000 members) and, eventually, enrolling on your animal communication course online in pure desperation. I was, prior to losing Bella, not spiritual and did not believe animal communication on a telepathic level possible at all. I did employ several animal communicators to help me search for Bella and, although many confirmed her character in amazingly accurate detail, they all differed in their readings of where she was and what had happened to her but I followed up every lead as far as possible. The facebook campaign was huge. People, most of whom I had never met were all looking out for her and helping me with emotional and practical support. I learnt animal communication to my amazement and many members of my group allowed me to practice my new found skills using pictures of their pets (who I didn’t know). I also during this time had members send me pictures of deceased relatives and pets and ask me to try and connect with them which, astoundingly, I found I could do. I found it difficult to connect with my lost dog Bella telepathically initially but, after some weeks was certain I could connect and convinced she was still alive. This, very much, kept me searching for her which I did relentlessly for 8 long weeks. On 11th September 2014 I got a phone call from a lady (Jill Birch) informing me that she was 95% sure that she had Bella; a scan of the microchip and telephone call to petlog confirmed it was, indeed, her. Her daughter, Stacey, had been asked to housesit for an old college friend whilst she went on holiday and she had mentioned to her mum that the friend had a new dog in the home. Jill asked where was the dog from and it materialised that she had picked the dog up in Newquay whilst holidaying there and taken her 230 miles home to Kidderminster. I have no doubt in my mind that Bella was intentionally stolen and if it wasn’t for Jill, one of my personal angels, I would not have had her back. Bella coming back to me is, in my view, a miracle sent to me by my angels. The experience of losing and then finding Bella was a huge life changing one for me; I have, as a result, found spirituality and animal communication and my work is now in this field which I thoroughly enjoy. I am currently in the process of writing a book of my amazing story as suggested by my loyal members in the hope that it can given inspiration to others.

Love Parisa

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Fabulous Organic – Tips on healthy and natural living

Are you thinking of a detox after Christmas? Perhaps its time to cut out the sugar, reduce alcohol or start exercising regularly? But hang on……did you make the same resolutions last year? So what happened? It is thought that most people only stick to their New Year’s resolutions for a week or two. It is far better to make small changes that become part of your life and that you can maintain.

So, why not make one resolution this year? To make gradual changes throughout the year that you can incorporate into your life. If you sign up to our emails on healthy living we will send you weekly tips on detoxing your life and natural living. Sign up at: www.fabulousorganic.co.uk

Todays tip:
Buy oils in dark glass bottles rather than plastic bottles. Hormone-disrupting chemicals can leach from the plastic into the oil. Dark glass helps protect the oil from being damaged by light.

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2015
With love and light
Dawn and Barry


It was a big relief when Elizabeth’s brother took two of her cats. But two are still here, including that bully, Jasper. I’m not allowed in my conservatory because that’s their sanctuary. Poor little Ash-ting stands at the conservatory door facing Brutus on the other side of the glass. They yowl and growl at each other. If I get near Brutus I’ll chase him round the garden. I will!

I think Ash-ting had a difficult time while we were away in France. Our neighbour said he sat on her wall every single morning waiting for us to come back from our walk, and of course we never came. She said she wanted to cry, he looked so forlorn.

At first when I returned from our long holiday as a sophisticated dog of the world, he was a little shy of me but now we cuddle up in front of the fire just as we always did. This morning Mum let him in, then went to have a shower. Later when she pulled back the duvet there we were, both of us, snuggled up under it, warm and comfy as toast. Actually my observation is that toast is hot rather than warm and people often shout, ‘Ow!’ and drop it when they pull it out of the toaster.

In France I never had one single bath. I never got dirty enough. But since we’ve been home I’ve had two full showers. Admittedly the first time I dived into fox poo the size of a cow pat. Mum said I smelt so bad she had to take me to the pet shop on the way home for fox shampoo. The assistant took one sniff of me and called out, ‘Open the doors.’ And I suppose the second time I did roll in something rather smelly and delicious then ran through a very muddy ditch but did she really have to bath me?

I came running in from my walk this morning and who was standing in the middle of the path but Brutus. I stood stock still when I saw him and then he started to run towards me. Help! He’s bigger than I am. I squealed blue murder and ran. Mum rushed out to save me. Okay I may not be the bravest dog in the world but you’d be scared if you saw that wild tiger going for you.

Since we came back from our sabbatical there are lots of new puppies in the forest. Two of them, a little Visler and a Labradoodle, have more energy and cheek than any pup I’ve ever seen. They jump up and bounce all over Mum and then they think they can do the same to me. I pull myself up to my three and a half year status and tell them off roundly. Who do they think they are? Mum says I used to jump all over people once. Never! That can’t be true. I have always been an adorable, well behaved small dog. Haven’t I?


Orb of the Month

Sent in by Madanila, there are Archangel energies present from Archangels Lavender (works with the higher chamber of the Soul Star Chakra), Chamuel (love) and Gabriel (purity). Archangel Lavender is helping to clear away all karma that has been brought forward from past lives, as well as any karma that may have been earned on the journey through this life. This clearing then allows the energies of love and purity to enter, bringing forward feelings of forgiveness and acceptance. Archangel Lavender carries the feminine energy, helping to clear and heal the Soul Star Chakra from a Divine feminine point of view.

1-Nov-2014 (1)

 You can see more Orb pictures with insightful interpretations HERE

Finn’s reaction to Finn’s Space Adventures

My nine year old grandson, Finn, is a football fanatic and I know nothing about the game. I wanted to find a way of connecting to him, so I wrote Finn’s Space Adventures for him. When I mentioned it some time ago he didn’t look very interested but obviously he took it in. I didn’t see him for nearly four months as I was away in France but when I met him from school last week he rushed up to me with a face aglow with excitement, ‘My book’s on the internet, Granny, I checked this morning. Did you bring me a copy?’ I said, ‘Yes’ and he was clearly very pleased. To my delight he spent the evening reading it and much of the next day. Then he said to me, ‘Granny do you think we could write a book together?’

Wow. I was absolutely thrilled and said that of course we could. He said he already had some ideas and when we talked about them I was stunned. They were amazing and creative and beyond anything I would have thought of!

Later he said, ‘I’ve written the first paragraph. Do you think this is any good?’ I read it and once more was stunned. I told him it was perfect and would make a great start to the book.

Here is what he wrote for the start of the next book of Finn’s Space Adventures.

Chapter 1

Finn stared blankly out of his bedroom window at the misty black night that unravelled in front of him. It was ten minutes past midnight and he could not get to sleep. He had a strange feeling in his stomach and then a vision flashed into his mind. It was his friends, Vaz and Agapay. They were in trouble and needed help. They were scrambling over rocky terrain pursued by weird space creatures. They had almost reached the edge of a deep ravine caused by a huge meteor strike.

Step aside Granny and let the new generation in!


 The Children’s Section of the website

Susan Browne, Ciara Kennedy and I have been working hard to help the children and bring spiritual understandings to them.

Click HERE to see this month’s story, written by Jennifer Crokaert and read by Susan Browne, illustrated by Cathelijne Filippo.

dragon1 Dragon3

Recommended book of the month
Light Up Your Life by Diana Cooper

Light Up Your Life was the very first book I wrote when I was a hypnotherapist seeing one to one clients. I picked it up the other day and read the first chapter. The memory of the client story I describe at the beginning was as clear as when it happened and it blew me away. I read on and remembered how much I enjoyed writing this book and how the stories and examples help to resolve so many problems in our lives.

Chapter 1. We Create Our Lives
It was one of those sunny spring days when it feels good to be alive and I breathed in the fragrant air as I watched Chris jump into her car.

Her smile and wave were full of life and the bump of the baby she was expecting clearly showed under her dress.
I could picture the Chris who strode through my gate for her first appointment a year before. She had short dark curly hair and a purposeful gait. She walked rigidly without any flow in her body and nodded when she saw me, no trace of a smile.
In those days Chris carried her own personal thunder-cloud with her and had done so most of her life.
She eyed me warily as she sat in the chair in my office. Her voice was tense and sharp as she started to tell me about herself.
She told me bitterly that her mother was only interested in clothes and had no affection for her. Her father was always working and interested only in money and success. He was excessively mean and begrudged her the money for College so that she had left without finishing her course. She wasn’t going to feel beholden to him.
She didn’t have time for their narrow way of life and she hardly ever saw them.
As a child she had always felt different, shy and awkward. At school she had been bullied unmercifully and no one seemed to notice or protect her.
She’d failed most of her exams, even though she was intelligent, because no one encouraged her.
She wanted to do something with her life and here she was stuck in a dead end job working for boring people and there was nothing she could do about it. Her frustration was enormous.
All her life she had been unlucky. Nothing good came her way. She used to try to please people but it was no good. They didn’t respond and she felt no one liked her.
The only good thing in her life was her boy friend. They lived together now and he felt exactly as she did. Life was a grim battle and held nothing for them.
They had no money and couldn’t even afford a car. Anyway it wouldn’t make any difference if they could because she didn’t have the confidence to drive.
She’d never get married, she informed me. It was much too dangerous and she’d certainly never bring a baby into this terrible world.
‘There was nothing anyone could do was there?’ her eyes said accusingly as she sat back, crossing her arms and glowering. Yet behind the frowning, accusing façade, there was a desperate, fearful appeal. She looked lost and alone. I couldn’t help but remember myself in the days when I felt a helpless victim of fate. Life seemed so threatening.
I took Chris through her life, showing her exactly how she had made these difficult relationships and events happen. I explained the Laws of the Universe.
The Laws of the Universe are the great Laws by which we live. They govern our lives, for we are in a structured Universe, subject to Spiritual Laws. By these Laws we attract all the people and situations to us. When we understand and apply them we can take responsibility for ourselves and give our lives direction and purpose. Then we leave behind the role of helpless victim and our lives transform.
Chris accepted and applied the Laws and within a year she had a creative job which she loved. She and her boyfriend had married and she was expecting a baby.
She had healed her relationship with her parents and her father had bought her a car which she had learnt to drive.
Her body moved with vitality and energy and her face was expressive and alive. Her life was happy and she had the tools and knowledge to keep it that way.
People generally are becoming more aware that there is structure in the Universe but are not sure what it is or how to apply it.
The more understanding we have, the easier our journey towards wholeness and happiness becomes. We then no longer allow ourselves to be victims of fate.

This book is about the Laws of the Universe and how we can take responsibility and use them to create the life we want. It illustrates that there is no such thing as chance or bad luck or good luck or accidents. We do not live in a haphazard world.
The Laws of the Universe are exact and when we understand and apply them properly, peace, love, health, prosperity and success must follow.

Available to purchase HERE


Event Calendar 

I have now confirmed dates and venues for most events and workshops in 2015. I’m looking forward to visiting Dublin, Bern, Slovenia, South Africa and many more. Click HERE to visit my website for further information




Sunday February 22nd

Dublin, Ireland

10am – 5pm (registration from (9am)

The Grand Hotel, Malahide, Dublin

The angelic world is massing to help us during this time of transition to the new Golden Age. Today you will learn how to work with the angels, archangels and unicorns to assist the world and yourself. Diana will explain how the angels and unicorns can help you find satisfying work, heal relationships, bring families together, and fully open your heart.

Diana will transfer three awesome energies, the Gold and Silver Cloak of Perfect Balance that makes you totally magnetic to good things, Mother Mary’s Cloak of Compassion and Healing, and Archangel Metatron’s Golden Orange Cloak that opens you to higher dimensions.

Diana will discuss the archangels in charge of your twelve fifth dimensional chakras, and will help you anchor their light into your energy system. In addition the unicorns will open your crown chakra so that you can bring through higher light including the Christ Mahatma Energy. We will anchor your chakras to the glowing centres of the stars so you can access cosmic wisdom and enable a special portal to open that spreads pure Source love. Rosemary Stephenson is a Master Sacred Sound teacher and will be playing her special crystal singing bowls and will sing in all luminous connections, so that the lower energies flow away while peace harmony and abundance spread into your life and the world.

Secret Alchemy- Master Serapis Bey

Clear Vision – Fresh Start

serapis_bey_web (1)

At this time of the year we set new goals and plans, but many times people find it difficult to hold a clear vision throughout the year and follow their hearts and the commitments they made to themselves long ago. From time to time we need to remind our selves the essence of life and our purpose; an alignment with our authentic self, knowing where we are, feeling ok with our life and knowing that everything is going well. Below is a short activation you can practice regularly at this time. It serves as a trigger to help find meaning and clarity as the new year begins and to make a fresh start; helping you see things with more clarity and renewed strength.

“I invoke my Mighty I Am Presence and the ascended Master Serapis Bey to anchor the golden-white ascension flame and to purify the mental distractions and distortions, clearing my vision and perception. I ask that I may be perfectly aligned and guided to my soul’s purpose and that all my gifts and talents are fully awakened, now!”

Spend a few moments in meditation and take several deep cleansing breaths of white light. Take time to absorb the healing energies and light codes. Close by giving thanks and gratitude.

With love and light,
Frixos Christodoulou & Paschalis Kazakopoulos

Serapis Bey Spray – General Effect: Purifies, relaxes. Harmonizes thinking. Brings awareness of how fragile we are and others too. Offers respect and serenity. Clears the communication with ourself and our true identity. Experience of unity that brings understanding in essential issues. Stabilizes mood. Helps us learn from past experiences. Regaining strength after a long disease. For obsessions and addictions. Brings in contact with the senses. To feel comfortable with our self.

Correspondence: Throat Chakra.serapis (1)

Qualities: Channeling, Purification, Harmonization, Renewal.

Affirmation: I have the power to create paradise wherever I Am!

Secret Alchemy website: www.angelshouse.eu | E-mail: info@angelshouse.eu

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