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OrbDear Joanna,

I feel this is a very sacred site and that you are downloading some very valuable ancient information in this picture. I feel the presence of Archangel Mariel and Zadkiel and they are working on your soul star chakra , I feel that you are being prepared to use your gifts and talents wisely and also that lots of ancient karma is being cleared for you at this time. There is also a beautiful white orb of the Archangel Christiel who is working with the Causal chakra I feel white light is being poured into your chakra so that you are able to connect with the angels more easily and you are receiving information and knowledge.  

Then there is also the beautiful reflective light of the sun behind you energizing your crown and then it is passes on down to the other chakras of your body. 

Then there is the two pink rings of love around your body , this I feel is the opening of your heart chakra and the symbol for the heart is also a circle so that is so symbolic. Your heart chakra will open as much as is appropriate for you at any moment only.
Then I see another circle around you which feels like the energy of Archangel Uriel and Aurora.  Assisting with the issues of fear that you have. And Aurora inspires new beginnings.  Then finally there is the anchoring of all this energy in your earth start Chakra.  All your seeds of your potential is nurtures here until you are ready to take on the tasks.
When you look at this picture you feel the balancing of your chakras, the download of ancient information  and the magnificence of Source. 


The Diana Cooper Orb Team

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