Diana Cooper’s April 2016 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

I love April when the leaves are beginning to burst with the yellow green colour of hope and renewal. I adore the pink blossom which indicates that new love is pouring into the planet. Most of all I really appreciate the fact that everyone looks more cheerful when the sun starts to shine. There is a surge of spiritual energy coming in to match the Spring energy, so expect the new, look out for opportunities. Hold onto your vision. For many who aren’t even thinking about it love is on its way! If you are hesitant about new doors that are opening for you, remember your angel is pushing you through and the archangels are guiding you on the other side.
I will be moving into my new home this month (see The Power of Moving). It is a big downsize and there is lots to do but I’m really delighted to be near two of my children with glorious countryside on my doorstep.
May the angels sing you into the next phase of your life

Your Earth Star Chakra
Your Earth Star Chakra is vitally important for your spiritual advancement. Archangel Sandalphon is radiating light to all those who are ready in order to help them activate this centre.
When your Earth Star chakra first starts its descent it is black and white. As it wakes up it becomes deep grey and then as your frequency rises to the higher levels of the fifth dimension it illuminates into the most beautiful, shining, sparkling silver ball reflecting the ninth dimensional light of Archangel Sandalphon.

Your Earth Star is programmed with your divine potential for this life, which is activated as you raise your frequency. It is also programmed to align you with the place where your divine mission can best take place. It then works with your heart centre to ensure you reach that location when you are ready. This is why so many people are feeling the urge to move right now.

There is much more about expanding this chakra in ‘The Archangel Guide to Enlightenment and Mastery‘ which I have written with Tim Whild and will be available for the first time at the Mind Body Festival in London on 1st May.

This is the visualisation from our new book ‘The Archangel Guide to Enlightenment and Mastery’ to expand the Earth Star chakra.

Visualisation to Expand Fully the Earth Star
1. Prepare for meditation. Find a sacred space where you will be undisturbed.
2. Ask the fire dragons to clear completely your four body system of any density. Invite them to clear your Earth Star chakra also.
3. Relax as these mighty beings work within and around you.
4. When you are pure and clear invoke Archangel Metatron. Ask him to run a column of light from the Great Central Sun down through your twelve chakras into Hollow Earth.
5. Relax as the golden-orange light floods through you.
6. Bring your attention to your Earth Star chakra. Invoke Archangel Sandalphon to illuminate it with his bright silver light.
7. See your Earth Star glowing with silver threads connecting you to the energies of Mother Earth. Allow this silver light to flow into the cells of your body, unifying you completely.
8. Call to Serapis Bey to light up the golden-crystal pyramid with the ancient light codes for your spiritual mission.
9. Allow your Earth Star to connect with the golden pyramid, and see Serapis Bey draw the light of your chakra into his beautiful crystal skull.
10. Light codes and information are now travelling up to your Earth Star. Be ready to receive and integrate them in whatever way they present themselves.
11. Now allow your Earth star to connect with the planetary Earth Star chakra in London.
12. Allow your light to flow to this spot bringing its vibration even higher.
13. When you feel ready, thank Archangels Sandalphon and Metatron. Thank Master Serapis Bey and the dragons too.
14. Open your eyes and be ready to spread light wherever your feet touch the ground.

Tests and Challenges
Oh yes, just a reminder that there are still plenty of tests and challenges around to check that we really are ready for the higher frequencies coming in. And it is not just individuals. Companies are also being tested. I arrived at Hamburg airport on Sunday to find my return flight with Easy Jet had been cancelled. There was no information and it was chaos with a plane load of passengers trying to return to the UK and one unbelievably rude Easy Jet employee. He announced the next flight was Wednesday and the only way to the UK tonight was to buy a ticket via Brussels to Heathrow. After we had paid we were told that the flight was delayed and we had missed the connection already! People were sizzling and I was calling in angels and the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame and the Gold Ray of Christ to pour light over the airport…. Lots of work to do! Luckily Lufthansa stepped in and honoured those Belgian airline tickets. We eventually reached the UK, albeit the wrong airport and I arrived home just before midnight. EasyJet spectacularly failed their test but Lufthansa got one hundred percent.

My first on line course HOW ANGELS CAN HELP YOU has proved really popular. We have an an overwhelming and positive response from you. I am absolutely thrilled that so many of you have found it has helped you so much. See some of the comments.

So NOW I AM LAUNCHING my second on line course MEET THE ARCHANGELS, I am currently offering the course for £9.99 (Normally £12.99). I love the Archangels and feel very close to them. I want to pass this feeling and connection on to you. So this is your opportunity to learn about and connect deeply with:

Archangel GABRIEL who helps you make clear decisions, dissolves your fears and guilts and brings you hope and happiness
Archangel RAPHAEL, the angel of healing and abundance. He also brings you higher enlightenment.
Archangel MICHAEL who protects you, gives you the courage to speak your truth and deepens your telepathic abilities.
Archangel URIEL, golden angel of confidence, power and freedom who brings you peace.
Archangel METATRON, the golden orange angel who will oversee your ascension process.
Archangel Mary, the luminous angel of love and healing who connects you to the Cosmic heart
Archangel FHELYAI, the beautiful yellow Angel of Animals so that you can understand the animals and help them.
Imagine what your days will be like when you sense, feel, see or know these glorious Archangels are with you, helping you, transforming your life and bringing you hope and illumination!!

For further details or to order this course, please click HERE

*Once you have registered for the course you will be sent a separate email to confirm your subscription, please ensure you click on this link as you will be charged for the course but will not receive the videos until this has been done. YOUR COURSE WILL BE EMAILED TO YOU THE DAY AFTER YOU HAVE CONFIRMED YOUR SUBSCRIPTION.

The Power of Moving
Every time we move home we open a gateway to new opportunities. Sometimes they come immediately and sometimes they creep in on us. It was after I moved house that the angels appeared to me for the second time and asked me to tell people about them. This is how I share the experience in True Angel Stories – 777 Messages of Hope and Inspiration. I had just moved house and was starting a new phase of my life. I lay in the bath and asked for guidance about the classes I was running. To my astonishment an angelic voice replied like a golden thought directly into my mind. “We want you to tell people about angels.”
I was horrified and replied that I didn’t want to do that – people would think I was crazy. The angel then spoke the words I have never ever forgotten. “Who is doing your work? Is it your ego or your higher self?”
I agreed that I’d do it. I got out of the bath and sat on the bed and three angels stood in front of me and gave me information about the angelic realms.

The next time I moved house to a different area in Somerset the angels impressed me to start the Diana Cooper School, now known as the Diana Cooper Foundation. I didn’t know anyone in the area so there were no distractions as I wrote the courses and started to train people to teach what I teach….. And we have mbliebleeoved a long way since then. We started with training courses in Angels and Ascension. Now you can train in Angels, Ascension, Atlantis, Unicorns, Transformation and Lemurian Planetary Healing.
My next move to Dorset heralded consolidation, then expansion. Here I met unicorns, dragons and Orbs and, of course, Venus, my dog and Ash-ting my cat arrived into my life.
Now I am in Sussex. On our first walk Venus and I came across this magnificent oak tree. It was so powerful and impressive that I asked permission to enter its aura, which was granted. The tree graciously welcomed me and dozens of elves appeared to line its great boughs and say hallo. Though it was the end of February a bluebell was in flower nearby!!!! It felt like a huge greeting and sign of things to come.


I haven’t actually moved into my house yet as the builders are in it, knocking down walls, adding windows and transforming it into a light and peaceful home.  All my ‘stuff’ is in boxes in the garage and inaccessible.  I did a huge de-clutter and throw away before I moved but it shows how little I need much of it.  I am living at my son’s.  They have been most warm and welcoming so it has been great but I am looking forward to being in my own home again.  I am doing a massive downsize so it will certainly be cosy.  In the meantime it is dust and builder’s chaos everywhere.

I wonder what will happen next?


It has been an interesting life journey recently. We are staying at Justin and Rachel’s house, Mum’s son and his partner. They are lovely and it is great that Ash-ting is staying there too. But I do want to be in my new home. Just me and Mum and Ash-ting.
I do see a lot of Granny’s granddaughter’s dog Sugar. Mostly we run together but sometimes we cuddle up.


The walks round here are very different.  We walk for miles across the downs and open woodland but there are still rabbits to chase.  In fact I nearly met my demise chasing a rabbit. Luckily the very first thing Mum did when we moved here was to register Ash-ting and me at the vet’s.  The following Sunday we went for a long walk with the family and I was hyper excited chasing a rabbit over a hill.  At last we reached the gate to the road.  Mum waited for me with my lead but I ran straight past her because I saw a rabbit on the steep embankment.  How was I to know it was the main railway electrified line to London!  I squeezed under the wire netting and raced after that bobtail.  I’m not sure what happened then.  But my squeals could be heard for miles.  I crawled down the embankment to Mum again smelling of singed fur.  She carried me to the vet’s and thankfully the emergency vet was there in seconds.  She examined me and re-hydrated me.  I even had to go for another check up next day but the vet said they had all discussed it and had no idea how I was still alive.  They decided it was a miracle.  Perhaps it was something to do with the big blue angel who lifted me before I touched the rail?

Mum hoped I might have learnt from that experience but next day I chased a rabbit and the muffs came straight down over my ears when she called me.

With a wag of my tail

Love Venus

Ascension by Tim Whild

As you read this our energies have moved through a very important window of energy. Some of us are experiencing a high level of physical symptoms to accompany the deluge of ascension energies that are coming to Earth.The first to receive and integrate these energies are the Pioneer Groups who are already awake, and have been for varying lengths of time. It’s our job to anchor and distribute this stuff and it’s not always an easy task.
The third wave of illuminated consciousness is now flowering within the hearts of a new soul group. This group have just received the first energies that will guide them to heart-based living, leaving the ego behind. The evidence is becoming highly visible in the changes that are being made to the societal constructions of the previous paradigm.
Once the Equinox is reached on the 19th March, we will notice a settling of the current energies. Those working hard for the transformation of this planet are really starting to step into their higher roles, and are receiving incredible guidance and information. All is exactly as it should be.
The more diligent our focus, the more efficiently this process runs. This is a team effort co-ordinated by the Higher Realms and executed by us on the ground. While this window of Light remains open it is incredibly important to remain focused on exactly what we wish to create and avoid distractions.
In 2008 the statistics for ascension (as given to me via AA Michael) was six billion souls. Why stop at six though?….there are currently seven point four billion people here on this world. This is not an ‘exclusive’ process, we will ascend.
As a soul group we have been preparing for this event since the dawn of Lemuria, and the point of transition has been fitted neatly into an eighteen year window. This window is currently filled with an incredible mixture of dimensional spaces, frequencies, distortions and energies. Very soon things will begin to look very much more like home.
Keep your light high, your frequency clear and your manifestation sharp. Whatever you wish for you will receive…so make sure it’s shiny for you and for everyone else. And most importantly, enjoy this period. Ascension is only made challenging when we reject the challenges that we have created for ourselves.
Much love, Tim

Thursday 26th May – Brokenhurst, Hampshire
The seminar that Tim Whild and I presented together in February was so popular that we are offering a shortened version of this as an evening workshop near Southampton on 26th May.

Unicorns help bring about the desires of your soul. Today Diana Cooper and Tim Whild will attune you to them to heal karmic wounds so they can energise your soul mission. Once you have connected with your unicorn they will pour blessings onto you to light up your way. Dragons are coming forward now to assist our ascension. You will meet your personal dragon as well as the 5D golden dragons who can help you physically manifest your visions.
Prepare to bathe in some of the wondrous new high frequency energies now available. With the help of the dragons and unicorns and Archangel Metatron expect to walk as an Ascended Master
This is the highest frequency seminar that Diana Cooper and Tim Whild have ever taught. Archangel Metatron has asked them to work together as they offer a perfect balance of masculine and feminine energy, which will enable you to absorb the frequencies more easily. Expect transformation.

Location. Balmer Lawn Hotel, Brockenhurst SO42 7ZB
Contact details: Jacqueline White: inspirationsgroup@hotmail.com or jackie@ajoyfullife.co.uk

7.30pm – 9.30pm Price £15


It was wonderful to read the powerful and sometimes awesome stories that were sent to us and I am so pleased to share them with you. Many people have told me that they open this book on a page and read a story to find the guidance or the inspiration that they need. It is a book that offers you hope, illumination, enlightenment and a feel good factor. I hope you love it as much as I do.


You can order your copy of the book HERE

Upcoming Workshops

Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th April 2016

Saturday 9th April
Up Close and Personal with Diana Cooper and Angel Cards
Venue: Athena Therapies & Holistics Academy, Glasgow G46 7TL
2pm – 5pm

Diana will describe her journey and development with Angels by her side. She will pick out her favourite pack of cards and explain meanings, use, and then lead a question and answer session before undertaking a book and cards signing session over tea and coffee.

Saturday only workshop £25 (early bird, purchase for only £20 til end of Jan 16!)
Discounted rate for both events; purchase both events and receive discount £75 (early bird, purchase for only £65 til end Jan 15)

Sunday 10th April
Archangels and Ascension with Diana Cooper
Venue: Trades Hall, Glasgow G1 1UH
10am – 5pm

It is time for you to experience joy and bliss. Diana will transport you to the dragon, angel and unicorn kingdoms for enlightenment and transformation. This will enable you to release the old and attract love, respect, good fortune and happiness.

The Archangels will bathe you in their special shimmering rays.You will also receive some of the higher energies of the universe.

A Metatron bath to accelerate your ascension. You will emerge from this seminar transformed and radiant ready to walk a higher path.

Sun only workshop £55
Discounted rate for both events; purchase both events and receive discount £75

£55, if only attending this workshop

Attend both workshops and receive discount!
Both workshops £75 Saturday 9th April 2-5pm

Info: www.athenatherapies.co.uk/diana-cooper-glasgow-workshops/

Tickets www.ticketor.com/athenatherapies


Sunday 1st May

Mind Body Spirit – Olympia, London

The Archangel Guide to Enlightenment and Mastery
Enter the amazing dragon, angel and unicorn kingdoms for higher enlightenment.
Visit Lord Kuthumi’s, the World Teacher’s, Halls of Learning.
Connect with Lord Voosloo to bring in awesome, life changing 9D energies.
Help to build the 9D grid round Earth.
Meet the Ascended Masters.
10 steps to Enlightenment and Mastery

For further information or to book tickets, please click here: www.mindbodyspirit.co.uk


Energy Update: April 2016

Angels of Joyful Mood – By Paschalis Kazakopoulos & Frixos Christodoulou

Angels of Joyful Mood

Beloved family of Light, while I was sitting in my office here in Athens looking out of the window and thinking about the message of this month, the global turmoil and the challenges people are facing at this time I had some unexpected visitors coming in! Suddenly I felt a heart expansion and a joyful feeling unfolding my heart and lifting up my spirit instantly. The visitors presented themselves as the Αngels of joyful mood!

The Angels of Joyful Mood are here and work closely with people; supporting us at this time in expanding and radiating the energy of joyful mood, of happiness and to radiate the light of our heart. Indeed this vibration is so precious and needed on our planet now!

While this new month unfolds ask the angels of joyful mood to surround you and strengthen your energies. The earth is about to go through a radical change and consciousness shift and this will bring more light into the consciousness of humanity. The angels are prompting us to hold the light burning on the altar of the heart; purifying any emotions and thoughts that are holding us tied to lower vibrations.

On global level humanity is undergoing the initiation to the Ray of Inner Strength or Power!

It is vital at this time to maintain your inner power; and by aligning to the Ray of Inner Strength it will help you recharge yourself. The lessons of this period are related to our personal power. You may be called to sort out any situations with people who are draining your energies or you may face negative behaviors to the extreme of threats. Set clear boundaries and eliminate such energies that are poisoning your system. We cannot find happiness and joy if we give our power to other people, situations, the media, thoughts, fears and worries.

These months we are celebrating the mystery of crucifixion and resurrection of the Christ (Catholic / Orthodox Easter). A moment to open the heart, a moment to forgive and rise into the Light. The angelic beings are calling us to be more consistent in maintaining our alignment with the Source. Know that you are safe and protected and everything will unfold in such a way that serves the highest good of humanity.

With this we want to share an invocation to the Ray of Inner Power for personal empowerment which can be combined perfectly with the Secret Alchemy vibrational sprays for meditation and everyday support. Wishing you all a magical month!

Invocation to the Ray of Inner Power & the Angels of Joyful Mood

Find a comfortable meditation posture with your spine erect and take a few moments to relax your mind and body.

I invoke the Angels of Light to anchor the Ray of Inner Power, aligning me with my inner core and the Divine Source.

I pray that you heal all fear, worry and insecurity.

I ask that you fill me with the Inner Power and guide me with wisdom in finding balance and strength.

Sit in this space for a few moments and absorb the Ray of Inner Power which has a sapphire blue color.

I invoke the Angels of Joyful Mood to embrace my aura.

Angels of happiness, please surround me with your grace and help me see the truth. Activate my creativity and passion for life.

I ask that you purify my heart and assist me in raising my vibration into a joyful state.

Spend a few moments by breathing in these vibrations; clearing and expanding the field of your heart.

Close your meditation by expressing gratitude to the angels for their assistance.
Love and light to all,

Paschalis Kazakopoulos & Frixos Christodoulou​


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