Soothing and Supporting with Love and Uplifting Energies

Soothing-and-Supporting-with-Love-and-Uplifting-EnergiesSent in by Susan and taken of her 7 year old daughter.

This beautiful orb is a mixture of many different lights and energies. Primarily it is soothing and supporting with love and uplifting energies. I feel sometimes she feels stressed out and this orb calms her down.

There are several Archangel energies present : Gabriel, Chamuel, Michael, Raphael, Metatron, Zadkiel and Purlimiek ( Archangel of Nature ) . I feel she will have an interest in permaculture as she grows up and also be involved in medicine ( perhaps not conventional ). She has come to Earth from a very advanced star system to help raise awareness about how to work and live harmoniously on Earth supporting Nature.

She can sense these orb energies around her as loving support.

Her Guardian Angel’s energy is in the orb working to help her to feel she belongs on Earth as many of the mankind’s present ideas will seem ‘wrong’ to her.

There is also the love of a grandparent in spirit in this orb.

Angel Blessings with Love

Jacqueline Mary Piper
Diana Cooper Orb Team

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