The Angels Use of Reflective Sun Light to Transmit Their Blessings

the-angels-use-of-reflective-sun-light-to-transmit-their-blessingsSent in by Maja – The angels are using reflective sun light to transmit their blessings. The white contains Archangel Gabriel’s energy who brings purification. The hexagonal orb is fully operational, it is Archangel Purlimiek the angel of nature transmitting healing light. The violet light around it Archangel Zadkiel who helps to release blocks and brings transmutation. The conical shaped violet orb is receiving energy from the sun and it is Archangel Zadkiel and Chamuel (pink) , the Archangel of Love and Compassion. The other conical shape is Michael (blue) transmitting protection and courage, Raphael (green) healing, Uriel (yellow) peace and confidence and Metatron (orange) wisdom and ascension energies. The tiny white spots in the left of the picture are elemental beings. The dog seems to be perfectly aware of the wonderful energies around him and is receiving healing. Looking at this picture you get deep purification and help with releasing anything that holds you back. It invites you to connect with all the kingdoms, nature, elemental and animal and to expand your consciousness.

Love and Light

Diana Cooper Orb Team

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