Transmutation and Love

orbs4Sent in from Mayumi, this wonderful Orb contains the energy of Archangel Zadkiel (transmutation) and Archangel Chamuel (love). Travelling along with these powerful Archangels is a Planetary Master (not from Earth) who has been directed by the Intergalactic Council to oversee the clean-up of the nuclear fall-out at Fukushima and this is what I’m picking up from this Planetary Master: – The Intergalactic Council feel that as the current proposals to clean up the nuclear waste at Fukushima are not working, there will be new ideas placed into minds of those that are receptive and willing to listen. Look to nature, as the planet has many ways of healing itself. Work with the elementals and ask them to help bring forward these changes. There are ways to clean up the effects of the nuclear fall-out and these ways are simpler than people realise and these simple ways are being over-looked. Don’t treat with toxins as this will create more toxins. I get a strong feeling to look to the minds of the young.

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