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The Archangels are glorious evolved angels who work on specific rays from Source with special tasks. The energy of the planet has risen now so that we can connect with them and they are literally waiting to meet you. In this course I introduce you to seven archangels and enable you to plug into their energy so that you can always be near them. Watch in the comfort of your home for a few minutes each day and remember you can look at each part as often as you want to. This course will change your life for the archangels can help your personal life and enable you to help the world.

We look at the many ways archangels can help you when you are tuned into their energy. You really can make a difference to your life and that of others. Imagine your life when you are connected to the archangels.

Do order this online course and connect with the archangels on a daily basis so that you can light up your own life and that of others.

The full course is approximately one hour long, split into 7 parts which will be emailed to you over 7 days.


Part 2 – Meet Archangel Raphael

Length: 9 minutes

Diana connects you with Archangel Raphael who offers deep healing on every level, then opens you to abundance consciousness and higher enlightenment.

Part 3 – Meet Archangel Michael

Length: 8 minutes

Connect to the energy of Archangel Michael for strength, courage and his cloak of protection and receive his Sword of Truth and Shield of Protection.

Part 4 – Meet Archangel Uriel

Length: 9 minutes

Connect to Archangel Uriel and receive his golden ball of confidence, power, freedom and happiness. Fill your life with peace.

Part 5 – Meet Archangel Metatron

Length: 0 minutes

Connect to the wondrous golden orange Archangel Metatron, receive his ascension cloak and let him light up your higher pathway.

Part 6 Meet Archangel – Mary

Length: 9 minutes

Connect with Archangel Mary, the mighty archangel of love and healing. Be cradled in her light as she dissolves your old mental beliefs and opens your heart with love.