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Wise old dragons have been with us since time began. Fourth dimensional service dragons have helped us through the last ten thousand years and you may have a sense of their presence as so many are here with us right now. They are elementals so they may be fire, earth, air or water or a combination but they never have all four elements.

You have your own personal dragon.

It is time to find out what element it is and get to know it!

It is your companion, protector and support and has a huge wide open heart centre. Unlike your angel it can delve into deep dense matter to clear your way. You can tell your dragon anything you wish from the centre of your heart for he has infinite wisdom and can find a way of responding to you.

Now high frequency cosmic dragons are pouring in to assist us on our ascension quest. In this 7 part on line video course we meet the golden Christed dragons. We also connect with Quan Yin and her pink dragons of transcendent love in a way that can transform your entire perception of life and learn to work with the Violet dragons to heal the world.

I have really enjoyed preparing this on line video. The dragons were all round me, energetically assisting! I do hope you enjoy it.

The full course is approximately one hour long, split into 7 parts which will be emailed to you over 7 days.


Part 1

Length: 8 minutes

Learn all about the wise old dragons, meet your own dragon companion and how to communicate with it.

Part 2

Length: 7 minutes

How fire dragons can help and heal you and the world.

Part 3

Length: 10 minutes

Meet the water, air and earth dragons, learn what they do to help us, then work with them.

Part 4

Length: 9 minutes

Meet the glorious 5D golden Christed dragons and learn to work with them to protect and raise the energy of people and places.

Part 5

Length: 9 minutes

Quan Yin’s beautiful pink dragons of transcendent love connect with you so that you heal all relationships and bring families together to fulfil their potential. They clear your blocks to love.

Part 6

Length: 9 minutes

The Violet Dragons set you free under grace as you call on them to transmute energies in places, situations and round people. They can clear energies that angels cannot reach.

Part 7

Length: 10 minutes

In this exciting section you meet the great Dragon Master Abraham and learn to command the elementals. During a beautiful visualisation you connect really deeply with all the dragons and may decide to become a dragon master.