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The first step to becoming a 5D Master is to permanently awaken your 12 5D chakras. This starts your journey to ascension. If you want to live in the fifth dimension and ascend the most important step is to anchor your twelve fifth dimensional chakras. They come down in a column, connected like cogs, so that the third and fourth dimensional chakras move down below your feet. If you have a blockage, say in your solar plexus, the column will start to come down but will then withdraw.

This course is designed to anchor the chakras permanently. This will accelerate your ascension and help you to live at a higher frequency.

Watch in the comfort of your home for a few minutes each day and remember you can look at each part as often as you want to. I physically demonstrate bringing down the chakras, so you can do this with me or watch and bring them in mentally. This course will change your life for you will start to view life from a fifth dimensional perspective.

The full course is approximately one hour long, split into 7 parts which will be emailed to you over 7 days.


Part 6 – Activating and lighting up your 5D crystalline light body

Length: 7 minutes

I explain your 5D crystalline Merkabah or lightbody that surrounds you, containing your 5D blueprint and the light and wisdom codes you have earned throughout your soul journey. By raising the vibration of the 12 chakras we install and activate your Merkabah, then use its power to light up the 5D ley lines.