Diana Cooper’s June 2024 Newsletter

Hello Friends,
On 5 May we opened and activated seven high frequency portals – to Metatron himself,
Andromeda, the higher heart, Helios for our highest potential, the Pleiades for 11D Source
Healing, Lyra for unicorn energy, Pluto for the Codes of higher ascension and a two-way
portal between Earth and Source. Thank you all you amazing souls who participated. I’m
awed and delighted to say that between 9-10,000 of these incredibly high frequency portals
were opened and activated and they are on every continent. This raised the frequency so
much that another 13,000 people were able to merge with their Monads. And you can still
create these portals in your home, your garden or your local park or in the countryside.
Remember to re-activated them from time to time. Full information on all the portals can be found HERE

May saw the energy on the planet rising and JUNE takes it even higher but more smoothly
and effortlessly. It starts with doors opening and opportunities on offer – and is a time of
optimism. However, we must be ready and prepared to go through the doors or grasp the
opportunities. Those who do so will soar! So it’s time to plan.
it is the SUMMER SOLSTICE on JUNE 20, a great day for celebration. As I typed these words
Kumeka came in and said this summer solstice was a very important day for everyone. The
Sun is sending through higher frequency light codes than ever before. They contain Codes
of Responsibility and Justice that will trigger in individuals a higher sense of the ethics of
oneness. (his words) This will inevitably start to bring about fairer systems on the planet.
Many lightworkers already carry these Codes and with those who receive the downloads, it
will bring nearer the tipping point for a fair and just world. By next year there will be a big
difference. I know, I wish it was sooner but the more we open ourselves up to receive the
higher Codes the more quickly and easily the transformation will take place.
IMPORTANT…Remember when you stand in or access the portal of Helios during the
Solstice Power Boost you activate your highest potential for yourself and the planet.

Finally my on line workshop this month is on Monday 24 June….. Activate the Codes of
Pluto for higher ascension.
I work with the Codes of Pluto every day and have never ever
experienced such a shift in my frequency. I visit the 7 Pyramids of Pluto each day in
meditation and feel my entire life is transforming. Do join me if you feel drawn to it.

Love Diana

Placing the Blue pyramid of Archangel Michael over the entire planet

In the May newsletter I talked about placing Archangel Michael’s deep blue pyramid over
people of dark intent and we were asked to go to the Council of Earth during the Monadic
Merge meditation to petition for this. When you place a deep blue pyramid over a person
of dark intent it enables them to see Source truth. So having been touched by Source truth,
they pause to consider their words and actions. The pyramid also contains and holds the
person’s energies for a moment so that others are protected from them.
Many people emailed to say they could feel the power and effect of the Blue Pyramid and,
after doing this for a few days, I suddenly wondered if we could ask for Archangel Michael’s
Blue Pyramid to be placed over the entire planet. When I talked to Kumeka about this he
said that we could petition master Marko to negotiate with all the Councils of the planets in
this Universe for us to be allowed to do this.
The Blue Pyramid round Earth would prevent dark energies from entering our planet and
influencing people. Apparently the pure White Flame of Atlantis which is now established
round Earth, dissolves lower energies but does not block dark energies as effectively as
Archangel Michael’s Blue Pyramid.

When the Blue Pyramid is placed over the entire planet everybody will have the
opportunity to see Source truth and be touched by it. Many people who are affected by
or manipulated by dark energies will be protected from them.
It will massively affect Earth for the better.

I decided I must start immediately to ask Master Marko for this and within a few days he
said the permission was granted. We can now all petition the Intergalactic Council for
Serapis Bey to work with Archangel Michael to get the 7D etheric Blue Pyramid into place
and activated. This is very important, as important as the petition El Morya is working
with on our behalf for pure air, soil and water.

I have added it to the Monadic Merge meditation, which is massively upgraded this month.
Yes there is a huge jump shift in the energy of the Monadic Merge meditation for June with
a huge number exciting updates. These are detailed in my newsletter for June and of course
you can find the updated meditation on you tube….WATCH HERE

Exciting updates to the Monadic Merge Meditation

Instead of accessing the energy of the planets, we are now able to enter the pyramids,
Great Pyramids or Globes within the planets to bathe in the light codes of each one and
activate them within us at an atomic level.
Lord Voosloo has returned to help us jump shift to a higher level of ascension.
An awesome new Petition to the Intergalactic Council
Archangel Michael’s Blue Pyramid of Source Truth. Master Marko has obtained permission
from the Councils of the Stars and Planets for Serapis Bey and Archangel Michael to place it
over our entire planet.
Incredible results of our petitions to the Intergalactic Council
Stuck souls in the astral realms. We are asked to continue to petition for more angels to
clear the astral realms by lighting up the way for stuck souls to path. So far 40% of those
who were stuck have passed.
5D healthy body
Your fifth dimensional health blueprint is the plan or design for your physical, mental,
emotional, spiritual body at that frequency. It is like an architect’s drawing before you build
your house. After the blueprint is fully approved then we build our fifth dimensional
healthy body.
Archangel Raphael is now actively building your 5D healthy body and establishing your 7 th
dimensional health blueprint. For those who are ready Archangels Metatron and Mary are
together starting to activate the blueprint for your 7D lightbody, which is the plan for your

crystalline body and brain. It is your monadic blueprint for perfect physical, emotional,
mental and spiritual health.
7 th Dimensional Health Blueprint with Archangels Metatron and Mary
There has been a huge rise in frequency recently and during the Monadic Merge meditation
we are now asking Archangels Metatron and Mary to start activating our 7 th dimensional
light bodies!
Last month we petitioned for all ancestral, family and genetic karma be transmuted and
removed totally from the Akashi records of individuals and of humanity under grace. Now
we are also petitioning for an immediate alleviation of physical, mental and emotional
conditions for those affected.
6D ascension
The frequency has risen so rapidly this year and so many souls are waking up that for the
first time 6D ascension is possible. As we access and activate the Codes of Pluto and its
seven pyramids, we can now start the journey to 6D ascension.

Reminder of the portals and how to activate them

With some pictures of some of the portals we have been sent. See the portal cake
decorated by my 12 year old granddaughter Taliya, who created the portals and symbols
with icing.

Archangel Metatron is in overall charge so we have created a portal to access his energy

Portal to Archangel Metatron – the key to access the mighty Universal Angel Metatron who
is in overall charge of this universe is the Metatron Cube.

Portal to Pluto – since January we have been able to access and activate 11th dimensional
silver platinum light codes from Pluto that take us into much higher frequencies.

Portal to Earth and its ascended aspect Pilchay – we can access and activate the golden
wisdom of Earth.

Portal to Andromeda -the violet pink higher heart of the universe to access and activate
11D love, peace and wisdom and the Codes of Rejuvenation.

Portal to Helios – the golden orange Sun beyond the Sun, the Great Central Sun, to access
and activate at an 11D frequency your highest potential and the Codes of Regeneration.

Portal to Lyra – The pure white 11D unicorn energy to bathe you in light codes of peace and
oneness – and hold your frequency high.

Portal to The Pleiades – Since January we have been able to access and activate Source
healing at an 11 th dimensional frequency.

I share HERE Information about each portal, how to build them, the musical note each resonates with and an activation for each one.

You can still make and activate your own portal. They are massively raising the frequency
of Earth.


Could you explain what the intergalactic confederation is and how it works with angels
and masters with petitions? And also why is an angel or master taking a petition to them?
Don’t they have the power to make it happen? Thank you. Kate Davey

The Intergalactic Council is a body of 12 mighty beings who take decisions for this universe.
Currently they are Master Marko, Commander Ashtar, Lord Hilarion, Master Merlin, Lord
Jesus, Quan Yin, Lord Kuthumi, El Morya, Merlin, Paul the Venetian, Mary Magdelene, Lord

Angels do not take petitions to the IGC but they travel with beings from all over the

Archangel Butyalil is the mighty cosmic angel who can conduct individuals or groups to the
Intergalactic Council to make petitions. Only two other Archangels have the authority to
take you. They are Archangels Michael and Raphael. No human or any being who has ever
incarnarnated on Earth can travel alone in the universe. All must be accompanied by an
angelic being.

Masters do not take petitions to the IGC. When we make petitions to the Council, usually
one of the Members of the IGC will accept it and then do what is possible to fulfil the
request As an analogy if a group of students wish to see change in a college, they may
petition the Board of Governors. If the Governors think the request is worth looking at they
will appoint one of them or a teacher to look at the matter and see what can be done. Then
they have the power to order changes.

The Colour Red
I knew I had to wear red for the ceremony to open and activate the 7 portals on 5 th May
I never used to wear red because I thought it was the 3D colour of the base chakra and so
not very spiritual!! Now I know so much better. When I was working with Kumeka to
develop the Stellar Gateway, I learnt that Red is also the colour of the highest frequency
chamber of the Stellar Gateway.
Red is Courage.
When you have finally awakened all the qualities, you need courage to act on everything
you have achieved. You receive the Red of Courage when you have developed the
Power so you can use your life force to influence people or situations for the highest good.
Decisiveness so you can take quick decisions with authority
Action, which is the ability to act on your decisions
strategic thinking – the ability to make tactical plans.
Then you become a true master and have the courage to step forward as a spiritual leader.

Mosquitoes and midges

There were no midges or mosquitoes during the golden era of Atlantis. The reason for this
was that they kept water running. They never let itstand still. After the fall of Atlantis
people forgot the importance of running water to keep energy high and the water pure. So
mosquitoes arrived to remind them of this.

Many years ago I heard a story about a traveller in the Amazon. He was in a boat with some
monks. Suddenly they passed through a cloud of mosquitoes and the traveller was being
stung all over. He cried out in pain. However, the monks all roared with laughter and he was
Devastated at their lack of compassion. But they explained that they laughed to raise their
frequency so that the mosquitoes would not bite them.
I was reminded of this when I was walking the dogs recently. There had been a lot of rain
and we were in a marshy area. I heard various dog walkers complain about the midges but
they didn’t affect me. Then I had a phone call from someone who was going on about some
low vibrational things in the world. Oh my goodness, a cloud of midges dived onto me and
started to consume me. What a lesson for me not to engage in or listen to anyone on a low
vibration. I was itching for days.

Monday 24 June….. Activate the Codes of Pluto for higher ascension

This year, for the first time since golden Atlantis we have been able to access silver platinum
light codes from Pluto at an 11D frequency. These codes enable us to move into the 6 th
dimension for higher ascension. When you visit Pluto, Archangel Azriel, the angel of
transition, takes you up into the 11 th dimension, where there are seven pyramids, each
holding different energies. As you accept and activate the light codes within one pyramid, it
prepares you to access the codes of the next one. In previous workshops, we have accessed
the first two pyramids. Number one raises the frequency of our blood at a cellular level.
Number two cleanses and detoxifies the cells of our physical body so that we can fill them
with 11D data. We will very briefly revisit these before we download and activate the light
codes held in the incredibly important final five pyramids of Pluto.
When all these codes of Pluto are permanently activated you have the keys to building your
crystalline light body and living in the 6 th dimension as a Master. Your 5D ascension is
assured. You can start your journey to 7D ascension. This level of ascension has only
previously been possible on Earth during the 1500-year golden era of Atlantis. The time has
come for massive spiritual elevation.
During this workshop you will download from Pluto at an 11D frequency
 pink and silver platinum light codes to saturate your cells with pure love.
 blue and silver platinum light codes of communication with love.
 emerald green and silver platinum light codes of abundance and joy
 deep blue light codes of divine truth and integrity
 violet light codes of true spiritual connection
and receive keys to
 activate your crystalline light body
 assure your 5D ascension
 start your journey to 7D ascension

£11.00 and you get live access to the workshop and unlimited access to the recording.

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