The story of the portals in my garden – And how to create them

In my garden I have created portals to various planets to bring through high frequency energies into people and Earth.  In each portal is embedded in pebbles the sacred geometric symbol of that planet.  

We are dedicating and activating them at 12.30 UK time on 5th May, 55, (which is Metatron’s number vibration). Please join us LIVE via YouTube HERE

Every day I constantly repeat the mantra,

‘I walk the golden way, so magic and miracles happen each day.’

And magic and miracles do happen! My original intention was to create three portals Helios to activate light codes of regeneration to build our crystalline light bodies, Andromeda to activate higher love and light codes of rejuvenation, also to build our crystalline light bodies Lyra to bring in unicorn energy to hold our frequency high.

I wanted to create the symbols of these planets on circular stepping stones in my garden.  As we built them I was guided to add portals to the Pleiades, Pluto and Earth as well as a portal to Archangel Metatron’s energy

The previous summer I painted pebbles with my youngest granddaughter.  Together we dug circles in the lawn, mixed the concrete and created some stepping stones. We were really pleased with them but I could now see that they were pretty crude. However, I decided that I could make the portals to the planets in a similar way. 

I decided to dedicate Easter Saturday afternoon to the task.   In the morning I met Nikoleta.  When I told her what I was proposing to create in the afternoon, she offered her assistance and that of Nick her partner!  That felt like a miracle, particularly as I knew that their energy was perfect to hold the frequency high. They were absolutely wonderful. Nick cut out the holes, mixed and laid the concrete, making a totally professional job of it, while Nikoleta and I organised and arranged the pebbles that I had already collected and painted. 

Laying out the pebbles was quite a task, for everything had to be laid out according to very accurate sacred geometry. For example, Helios resonates with 12 and so there were 12 pebbles to be fitted around the circle in the middle – and 12 rays. Nikoleta was full of inspiration.  I thought I had done well to create most of the templates but Nikoleta sorted them so that we could transfer the symbols to the concrete.   We thought that the seven pointed star of Lyra would be the most difficult. In fact, my daughter, Dawn stepped in and accurately create the template for the seven- pointed star. Lyra resonates with 7 and 3, so each point of the star had seven stones, while the central grounding square had three on each side. Together, we blessed each of the portals.

That night I could not sleep because the Metatron cube and other symbols were flashing in my third eye.  I felt wide-awake all night!  I only intended to build three portals but my guide Kumeka now indicated that there should be seven!!!  

Nick and Nikoleta came back to help create the last four portals. 

The three of us laid out the symbols. A big thanks to them both – Nick Stone,, fabulous breathwork practitioner, and Nikoleta,, who is a pure Source channel . 

You can, of course, buy pebbles or crystals or marbles or anything you like to create the symbols. However, I liked the idea of picking the pebbles up from the earth and choosing them individually, then painting them the right colours.

The 7 portals

Here is the shape, colour, angelic connection and other information about each of the symbols for the portals.  If you create one in your garden, it enables the high frequency light codes to pour through your garden.  You can create one in your home too if you wish to.  Perhaps draw or paint the symbol on a piece of paper then activate it, or photograph the symbol.  You can stand on it and call in the energies or place it on an altar.

The Metatron Cube Portal

Our universe vibrates with 12.  So the Metatron cube consists of a centre circle, representing Source, surrounded by 12 circles.  This enables you to connect more easily with the mighty Universal Angel Metatron and he can pour his light codes through you and into Earth. The symbol is golden orange (more gold than orange). He resonates with all the notes.

About Archangel Metatron. Metatron is a universal Angel whose influence extends over several universes.  This glorious golden-orange angel is in charge of your ascension, that of Earth and the entire universe. He is also in charge of the development of the Stellar Gateway chakras of humanity. 

The construction Our Metatron Cube was built with 12 golden orange pebbles to each circle, ie 13 x 12 pebbles.

The Portal to Pluto

This was the most complex symbol to create.  Pluto is silver platinum and black.  The Angel in charge of Pluto is Azriel.  He is black externally. If he is taking you to pass over Azriel is gold internally, while if he is taking you to Pluto, he is silver platinum internally.  Archangel Zadkiel supports Archangel Azriel.   Pluto vibrates with 11 and 5. The note is A

About Pluto

Since January of this year, we have been able to access Pluto’s energy at an 11th dimension frequency.  When we connect with Pluto, it enables us to access much higher frequencies, including cellular upgrades.  We will soon be ready to enter the seven pyramids of Pluto, each containing awesome light codes that enable us to access Source energy.

The construction.  The symbol is a cross (an X) within a circle, with three small circles in the centre of the X.  There are 55 (11 x 5) stones in the outer circle, which is black.  In the centre there are three black rings. The innermost has 5 pebbles, the second and third rings each has 11 stones. The cross is silver platinum outlined with black.  Each arm of the cross has 11 silver platinum pebbles, with 11 black pebbles on each side.

The Portal of Earth

Earth and its ascended aspect, Pilchay.  The angel in charge of Earth is Lady Gaia, a 9th dimensional Throne, supported by Archangel Uriel.  The colour of the portal is blue green.  Earth and Pilchay resonate with 3 and 9.  The light codes of Earth wisdom held in the great pyramid of Hollow Earth are gold.  The note is B

About Earth

This is a two-way portal, the energy moving down into Hollow Earth and up to Source.  The focus of the entire universe is on helping Earth to ascend fully into the fifth dimension before 2032, and the start of the new golden age.

The construction.  The symbol for Earth is an equilateral triangle within a circle, in blue green.  There are 27 (3 x 9) pebbles in the circle, while the triangle has 9 pebbles on each side.

The Portal to Andromeda

Andromeda is the higher heart of the universe.  The angel in charge of it is Archangel Chamuel, Angel of Love.  The light codes are violet pink and Andromeda vibrates with 11 and 3. The note is C

About Andromeda. Andromeda is coming in very strongly now, and we can access the 11th dimensional codes of rejuvenation as well as higher love.

The construction.  The symbol is three interlocking circles, representing love, peace and wisdom in perfect balance.  Each circle has 30 pebbles, making them a vibration of 333, which is the frequency of the Christ light of unconditional love.

The Portal to Helios

Helios is the Sun beyond the Sun, the Great Central Sun.  Archangel Metatron is the Angel in charge.   The light codes are gold and orange and Helios vibrates with 12. The note is E.

About Helios.  Here Archangel Metatron creates all the light codes for this universe and you can access the light codes of your highest possibilities for this lifetime.  We can now access the 11D Codes of Regeneration from here.

The Construction. the symbol is a circle of 12 pebbles, and there are 12 rays, each with three pebbles radiating from it.

The Portal to Lyra

Lyra is a planet as well as a Stargate from this universe. Archangel Christiel is the angel in charge of Lyra and the unicorn kingdom. The light codes are pure white and Lyra vibrates with 11 and 3. The note is A

About Lyra.   Lyra holds the unicorn energy of pure white perfection.  It holds at an 11th dimensional frequency all the qualities and energies we need for our monadic emerge and higher ascension.

The Construction.  The symbol is a 7 pointed star.  Each spoke has 11 pebbles.  In the centre is a small square with 3 pebbles on each side.

The Portal to The Pleiades

Source healing comes directly through the Pleiades.  Archangel Mary is in charge of it.  The light codes are blue and white and the Pleiades vibrates with 7. The note is D.

About The Pleiades.  The Pleiades has always been a transformer for Source healing energy. Since January of this year we have been able to access this at an 11th dimension frequency.

The Construction.  The symbol is a small blue circle of 7 pebbles.  From it radiate 7 arrows.  These have shafts of 7 blue pebbles with 3 on each side of the arrow head. Right round it is a circle of 49 (7x 7) pebbles.  

Please add your energy to the activation ceremony or create your own ceremony and do the activations.  You can choose one or more portal, or do them all.

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