The Wonder of Unicorns

This is an opportunity to learn about unicorns and connect with your personal unicorn as well as to receive healing and enlightenment from it.  What is its name?  Did you know it in Atlantis? What gifts is it helping you bring forward?

Unicorns are wonderful healers who can release deep ancient traumas, so that you can bring back more of your soul energy and find deep inner contentment and happiness. In a deep visualisation it will start to purify your essence and heal you at a soul level.  This will enable you to see your divine essence, who you really are, so that you can stand in your true enlightened magnificence.  Your unicorn has a special message for you.

Unicorns can grant wishes.  This is an opportunity to ask from the right space!

We will also do service work with unicorns to help others and the planet.

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