Full of Spiritual Symbols

Dear Marion,

You have created a very beautiful colourful drawing full of spiritual symbols. All these images are an expression of your spirituality and show your connectedness to your own inner wisdom.

The centre colour is red and this represents love, warmth and security. This indicates your own security of knowingness within yourself – your spirituality. The rose and the hearts indicate a deep love which you hold within yourself but this is also connected to the unconditional love of the Cosmic Heart. Clearly your drawing shows a connectedness with many forms of life on this planet.

The orange balls show an optimistic personality and you can use this energy to help you through any changes which may arise. Do you feel drawn to this colour at all? Wearing this sunshine colour or its tones, for example in a scarf, will give you a little boost by bringing this energy closer to you 

Each tree is drawn slightly differently but most of the trees have a white line down them indicating a trauma or deep hurt in your near past. Does this make sense to you at all? Your tree trunks are strong but the roots are slightly shallow in places suggesting that you can be ungrounded at times. However your inner strength, optimism and positive attitude see you through change whatever form it takes.

Ask Archangel Raphael to help heal any past hurts and Archangel Chamuel to fill those healing areas with unconditional love. While the brighter leaf colour is linked to new growth, the constraint and compactness of the tree tops do not allow room for expansion. This is often found at a point where you need to shed a few leaves to allow the new growth room. It’s like having a spring clean! Aim to leave yourself room for growth to allow you the opportunity to reach your full potential.

You may like to consider what you feel may be holding you back or perhaps letting go of what no longer serves you for your highest and greatest good. Archangel Michael is available to help you let go of that which no longer serves you for your highest and greatest good, if you ask.

The dolphins are wonderful wise beings and they bring their wisdom to you and accentuate the Divine Feminine aspect of your Self. Do you or have you meditated on the dolphin energy at all? If not, you may wish to try to connect with these oceanic beings.

The stars are your aspirations and potential while the violet flowers (crosses) are a transformational aspect of the spiritual you. Are you considering changing your spiritual practice, meditating more or going on a course? The pattern here has a feel towards extending your spiritual knowledge for personal growth. If you need clarity to help with any decision-making then Archangel Gabriel is the Archangel to ask.

The vibrant colours of the rainbow are colours of optimism and hope. You pay a lot of attention to detail and have smooth edges which indicates you may take on the role of peacemaker at times. However there are times where you need to make your own voice heard – to stand up for what you believe. When you speak from the heart and say the words with unconditional love you are speaking your truths and being true to yourself. You have shown in your drawing that you are spiritually aware and have a deep connection with the many forms of life on Mother Earth.

May I take this opportunity to wish you Love, Light and Angel Blessings on your spiritual journey.


Master Teacher at Diana Cooper Foundation

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