Prayer to help the Elephants and Rhino

Archangel Fhelyai, the Angel of Animals, recently gave me this prayer to help the elephants and rhinos. Both these amazing animals do great work for the planet and they connect with Archangels Fhelyai, Sandalphon, Raphael and Mary. You can adapt this prayer to ask for assistance for any animal.

Beloved Source, Archangels Fhelyai, Sandalphon, Mary and Raphael,

I open my fifth dimensional heart to you and pray with the fire of my soul for protection of the elephants and rhinos in the world.

I ask that you open the hearts of humanity to them, so that we treat them with love, honour and respect, and learn from them.

I also ask that you touch the collective mind of humanity and impress us all with a deep understanding of the importance and worth of the elephant kingdom and the rhinoceros kingdom and a desire to help them.
I ask that the energy of those who have harmed these animals is channelled into worthwhile pursuits and that a cloak of true abundance and love is placed over them for their highest good.

I ask that the elephant and rhino kingdom receives this energy of love.

So be it. It is done.

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