Sent in from Paula

Sent-in-by-PaulaThe large coloured area above the dog contains Archangel energies of Zadkiel (lower chamber of the Soul Star Chakra & transmutation) and Lavender (upper chamber of the Soul Star Chakra). These Archangels are helping you to heal a trauma or memory that is still within your aura. There is also some energy present from the Moon (this is a Divine feminine energy) and the Ascended Lady Master ISIS, who also lived as the Divine Mother Mary the mother of Lord Jesus, in a later life. You are being encouraged to work more with your own Divine feminine energy. The three dots above the back of your head contain the Archangel energy of Christiel (Causal Chakra, also called the higher mind), Lavender, Zadkiel and your Guardian Angel. These powerful Archangels are communicating with you through your higher mind and you have to listen to your thoughts and intuition as they are giving you guidance about some aspect of your life.


The Diana Cooper Orb Team
Janet Lawson

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