Diana Cooper’s March 2015 Newsletter

Dear Friends
Our new book, An Archangel Guide to Ascension – 55 Steps to the Light has been selling like hot cakes. There has been an overwhelming interest in it and we have been selling out as soon as we order more. I have spent every evening tuning into the Archangels for the perfect message to write in each book as I sign them, while Melissa has been flat out packing and posting them. I am delighted that Tim Whild, the co-author of the new book, will be talking together about it and taking people through the powerful exercises at Southampton and Glastonbury. And I will be doing the same in Bern, Switzerland and at Olympia with Mind Body Spirit. It is so exciting I can’t wait. And the Archangels are ready to bring their light through people.
I want to thank all the wonderful light beings who came to the day workshop in Dublin and contributed to the amazing buzz. The angels and unicorns had gathered round me for days beforehand, telling me there was lots to do there and the workshop would make a huge difference to everyone’s lives. It was great and also fun.

Love Diana x


Mum and I went to stay with her daughter Lauren and, of course, Isabel and Sugar.I like Sugar better as she gets older but I wish she wouldn’t try to sleep on my bed when I’m at their house. Still I suppose it is fun racing round with her- when I want to. Anyway Lauren and Mum and Isabel took us dogs on an organised Sunday dog walk. We all thought it might be a disaster but there were sixteen people and twelve dogs of all shapes and sizes, from Huskies and Labradors to Collies and Poodles. I was the smallest. We dogs ran and raced and sniffed and had a ball. Most of them ran together in a pack and some swam in a lake but I explored on my own most of the time being an independent, singular minded terrier and I definitely did not swim. It was great and the humans enjoyed it too.
One of my favourite things is walking out in the moonlight. Ash-ting, my cat, and I love to sit on the lawn and watch the moon and stars. Luckily Mum loves it too so when it is full moon we walk round the block and look up as we walk. Bit dodgy for tripping over pavements but she’s survived and so have I.


Ash-ting, however, is such a nuisance, especially when we go round the block at night. He insists on coming with us which is bad enough, but he doesn’t walk nicely beside us. No he waits down the road and jumps out of a hedge, flinging himself on top of me and then races away. Okay I can cope with that but he keeps doing it and you never know when that grey furry torpedo will land on you. I can understand why our neighbours keep laughing about him.
The other day as I foraged in the forest a most unexpected and exciting thing happened. A fox jumped out of his lair. I chased it all down the main path, his tail flying and almost touching my face I was so close. We ran and ran but then it veered into the scrub and I lost him. But I Valiant Venus ran back to its lair and found its mate there!! Whoa! So I chased her down the path too. All the walkers were watching in amazement and for once Mum was struck dumb with surprise. But the vixen soon slipped off the path so I didn’t have such a good run as I did with the dog fox. Still from now on I’ll be checking that area to see if they are still up for a chase.


And today I am lying on the sofa cuddled up to Ash-ting when a little girl comes in.  She puts her finger towards me and I look at her suspiciously.  Then she strokes Ash-ting’s fur the wrong way.  He doesn’t seem to mind but I butt her away with my head and she gets the message.  Then I put my head right over my cat, so she can’t get near him.  I am a great protector of those I love.






 Inspiring Stories

A policewoman with a heart
Here is a photo of Yvonne’s cat and this is the story of how she came into Yvonne’s life. (Yvonne did a wonderful job of organising our sell out workshop in Dublin). Yvonne used to be a policewoman and one day as she was driving home after work, she saw a man standing on a bridge about to throw a cardboard box into the river below. She screeched to a halt and jumped out shouting to him to stop. As he paused in mid throw, the head of a tiny seven week old kitten peeped out of the box! The man said the mother cat had cat flu so he had to drown the kitten! Yvonne took the kitten, who she mentally called Suzy, unbuttoned her police uniform and tucked the little creature against her heart, then did her blouse up again. Then she took out her notebook and got the man’s details, successfully prosecuting him for animal cruelty. Suzy turned out to be a boy cat, who was treated for cat flu and lit up Yvonne’s life for sixteen years.


Mary touches his heart
At my Dublin workshop I met Daithi who was about to run across 600 kms across the Yukon in temperatures of minus 60 degrees. (is this possible?!) He had already run across the Sahara, Peru and various other inhospitable terrains. He was telling me how you needed to be mentally, emotionally and spiritually fit as well as physically. And he added that the most important thing was that your heart must be ready. He showed me this photograph he had just taken – Mother Mary in her high frequency aquamarine light, with Source energy in his heart. Amazing.

runner angl

And he carried a little white angel statue in his pocket that Yvonne gave him for luck when he ran across Russia.  He arrived at Mount Elbrus in Russia the day the Malaysian Airlines Jet was shot down on the Russian /Ukrainian border in 2014.  When he put the statue down to take a photograph of it, it was filled with Archangel Michael energy.  Just look.

 Unicorn Horn
I was given a spiralling Selenite crystal that looks exactly like a unicorn horn, and unicorns often work through beautiful pearlescent white Selenite. When my two little granddaughters visited we ‘played’ with my crystals and Archangel essences. We laid out a lovely grid. I picked up my Selenite spiralling horn and put it to my third eye and said the unicorns would bless the grid through this horn. Five year old Kailani looked at me and announced, ‘You don’t need that Granny. You have your own unicorn horn from your forehead!’ Well……

Angels have a Sense of Humor
Many years ago, I was reading a book on angels at night. At that time, we lived in a very quiet neighborhood, where nobody was outside after 10.00 p.m.

This book was, I think, the first I read about angels. I was thrilled, rather ready to believe and I prayed :Please, angels, if you are real, give me a sign but make sure it is a resounding sign that really rings a bell for me. Thank you. A few seconds, literally, after I said my prayer, I heard a bell ringing! I ran to the window and there on the pavement walked a human being (it was dark, no way to tell more about him or her) who, while walking by our house, had rung the bell of our bicycle which stood outside. This person must have been prompted by the angels to ring the bell and was – probably unknown to him or her – a messenger of the messengers! I really had to laugh first because there was so much humour in this sign and then I thanked the angels. As I recall it, this memory still brings a smile to my lips.

– Emailed in to us by Delphine

Book of the month

Angel Inspiration
When Angel Inspiration was first published it had a light mauve cover, the same shade as Archangel Ascension, and there was the same buzz around it. I remember talking in Finland where I have an enduring image of the publisher running with boxes of Angel Inspiration books as it kept selling out at the sales table. And in Mount Shasta people were saying, ‘I’ll have six copies. There are angels round it.’ How lovely to think that angels were touching people as they bought their books.
I suppose I’d forgotten about it until a lady in Dublin told me that her first angel book was Angel Inspiration and how she felt the angels surrounding her as she read it and she has felt totally in touch with them ever since. I was so pleased that I decide to make Angel Inspiration the Book of the Month. It is full of stories and light and will help you to connect to the presence of angels.

angel-inspiration                                                                          You can purchase your copy HERE

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Building your Light Body by Tim Whild

I was blessed to meet Diana at a book signing in Bournemouth, back in 2003. By the time this occurred, I was already fully integrated on my spiritual path, having been fully awake for my entire life. As with most souls, looking to the Higher Realms for direction and guidance, I was reading a great quantity of ascension information and applying it to my everyday life.

Diana’s work has always fully resonated with me. The book, A Little Light on Angels broke the bow of a new era, thus allowing the flood of this particular octave of light to become unstoppable.

Having been friends since this period, but doing our own thing from time to time, Diana and I were brought back into regular contact shortly after the Cosmic Moment 21/12/12. We had both been through a serious of initiations to prepare us for a new phase, and over coffee one morning, Archangel Metatron announced that we were finally to write a book together.

My experiences as a High Priest of Atlantis are fresh.
The timelines that have previously separated the past and present moment are collapsing as you read.
This is revealing a shining source of stored wisdom, knowledge and information that has been stored away for Earths ascension process.

When we sat down to write the Archangel Guide to Ascension – 55 Steps to the Light, we had one primary motivation…to bring as many souls through the ascension process as possible by the date of 2032.

By the time that this date arrives, the Higher Crystalline Matrix of Earth will be fully fifth dimensional.
We, as Walking Masters, will be expected to have kept pace and be matching the resonance of our beautiful world. There is a massive quantity of amazing books and information that have carried us to the Cosmic Moment, but as I have stated previously, the geometry of the spiritual information was only applicable up until the Earth shifted. Diana and I have brought through a fresh wave of information that is to prepare everyone for the next step.

The 55 steps within the book, are 55 pieces of new information that was guided specifically by Metatron.
He is overseeing the ascension process on this world, and showed us very clearly and in a high frequency format, exactly what people needed to read at this time.

Over the next 10 years, we will make jumps into the shoes of our Higher Selves that we would never have dreamed possible. We all have our ascension chakras in place, and many of us are starting to become acquainted with the massive potential the we have. Unlimited power, and the ability to co-create with the Divine.
Diana and I hope that everyone enjoys reading the book, The Archangel Guide to Ascension, as it is the start of the knowledge that will change Earth forever.

Here is a simple exercise from the book to bring your four body system online, and raise your light quotient to that of an Ascended Master.

Love Tim ❤️


Building your Light Body

1.Prepare yourself for meditation.

2.Visualise yourself sitting in the centre of your crystalline merkabah, your personal six pointed interlocking pyramids.

3.Ask Archangel Metatron to light this up for you at a seventh dimensional frequency.

4.Then ask him to provide a column of pure light from the Great Central Sun, bring it down through your chakras into Hollow Earth.

5.Visualise it expanding to a twenty mile radius and lighting up.

6.See yourself glowing pure and clear like a crystal.

7.Ask your Merkabah to anchor round you at a fifth dimensional frequency.

8.Ask your Higher Self an Archangel Metatron to hold this at 80 – 85% light quotient and adjust it according to your needs.

9.Thank Archangel Metatron.

 A Guide to Archangel Ascension – 55 Steps to the Light

Since 2012 incredible new energies have poured into the planet at a higher frequency than ever before and it is time for us to open ourselves up to receive them.
In A Guide to Archangel Ascension we share advanced information about many subjects including Lady Gaia and your Soul Contract, building your crystalline light body, the new 5D dragons, the 9D unicorns, various Ascension paths and many Archangels. We show you how to petition the Intergalactic Council and access the Christed Mahatma energy for the 12 chakras.

You will find this book full of fascinating information and great light. Just holding it will raise your frequency!
So if you want to accelerate your spiritual ascension why not order an advanced copy of this book for yourself or a friend, signed by me personally.
– £10 + P&P – Email Melissa@dianacooper.wpenginepowered.com for further information

Archangel Ascension Book Cover

It is available from Amazon from today – you can purchase your copy HERE

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Note: Do not take high levels of cinnamon or cinnamon supplements without consulting a qualified practitioner. You need to be particularly careful with cinnamon if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking medication.

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Orb of the Month

Emailed in from Annina

This picture has beautiful reclective light shapes, radiating energy from the angels. The violet round shape radiates joy and transformation from archangel Zadkiel, it also helps you to develop your Soul Star chakra with archangel Lavender and brings unconditional love from Mother Mary. The multicolored shape brings archangel energy from Raphael (green, healing), Purlimiek (also green, nature), Jophiel (yellow, enlightenment) and Metatron (red, ascension).


Lemurian Earth Healing By Karelena MacKinlay

There are many ways of saying ‘Thank you’ and many modalities of Healing. In this short article, I would like to share with you why we have a Lemurian Earth Healing monthly meeting and what we do during that sacred space/time.

To begin with, each of us has been attuned to the Lemurian energy which is a pre-requisite before embarking on Lemurian healing.

We all are passionate about healing Mother Earth which is why we undertook the attunement and have made the commitment to meet formally on a monthly basis. We even meet using Skype when the winter weather makes travel more challenging! While ad-hoc meetings of two or more attuned individuals are an option, having the date in the diary ensures we have kept the space available and made the commitment to meet.

It is possible, through being attuned, to access the Lemurian healing energy and use this ancient energy in the present moment for the highest and greatest good of all who live on and in the Earth, including Mother Earth herself.

The monthly meeting is so much more than holding a healing session it is an opportunity to actively work with one of the Spiritual Laws – The Law of Gratitude, of giving and receiving without expectation of return.

Mother Earth gives from her heart unconditionally to each of us every moment of every day in offering her support, food and shelter. ‘No’ is not a word in her vocabulary! Yet there is abuse of her very gifts to us through the ravaging of her physical being by those who have still to understand how dependant on Mother Earth all life forms are for our very existence.

As an acknowledgement of the gifts we receive from our Earth Mother, our group give healing back to Mother Earth. A Lemurian healing group acts as one during the healing session which engages the group members in a wonderful opportunity to experience the feeling of Oneness with All There Is. While the possibility of interconnectedness, ascension and spiritual growth exists at an individual level, working at a group level transcends the disconnection we have as individuals.

This seems like an appropriate moment to share a phrase channelled from my Angelic guide, Joachim – ‘All is One, One is All, You are One, You are All’. A beautiful way to express, in words, our interconnectedness with the Divine Source and all forms of life.

Before we begin our session we invoke our guides, the Angelic Realm, the Unicorns and Wise Beings to join and work with us for the highest and greatest good of all concerned. We then work with Lemurian quartz crystals through which we are guided to who, what and/or where healing is needed. Some past examples are: the Indian Ocean, the Amazon Rain Forest, the Artic and Antartic Circles, war zones, orphans of war, politicians, wild flowers and butterflies, the Ozone layer, Mother Earth herself …

The Lemurian energy is fantastic to work with and we are continually amazed at what comes through during our connection with the Lemurian crystals and the Beings of Light who work with us. It inspires us and encourages us to continue with our group meetings!

As a group, our light, love and gratitude goes out to all of the Beings of Light who work with us. To each group member who contributes their time, intent and unconditional love to our monthly Lemurian healing sessions, I give heartfelt thanks to you for making our meetings possible.

When we meet to do the energetic work we also give a donation at each meeting. Half of the monies collected is for the use of the venue and the other half goes to the Greenpeace UK Charity so we also help Mother Earth in a physical capacity too.

If you are interested, we meet in Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland or you can join in energetically. By tuning into our group energetically any distance issues are overcome no matter where you live in the world. Your participation would help grow our group but more importantly it would increase the amount of healing energetically sent to Mother Earth and all forms of life who live on and in her.

For further information about joining our group or being attuned to the Lemurian Healing Energy please email me at km@beingatone.co.uk

In love, light and gratitude


km@beingatone.co.uk – www.beingatatone.co.uk

References – Books

Keys to the Universe, Diana Cooper
A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws, Diana Cooper


March 7th & 8th
Bern, Switzerland

Saturday 7th March – Archangel Ascension
Since 2012 the energy pouring into the planet has expanded and risen in frequency. Today, through the archangels, we will explore and receive some of the awesome ascension energies that are available to us now. You will all receive:

-Mystery teachings of the Great White Brotherhood, who hold the secrets of perfect peace and eternal life.
-The White Ascension Flame from Atlantis, which will be offered to you by Serapis Bey and is the light of pure ascension.
-Source love through the blue Pleiadean Rose,
-The cosmic diamond violet flame of Gabriel and Zadkiel
-Mother Mary’s Aquamarine Cloak to bring your 12 chakras into a unified column of light.
-The higher Mahatma energy for the 12 chakras, still the most powerful ascension light.

You will visit:
-The Intergalactic Council in the inner planes and petition for yourself, your community and the world.
-The 12 sub temples of Metatron to prepare your light for 2032 and receive his light bath.
-Then explore and access the new crystalline energies. Be prepared to dramatically expand your light.

Click HERE for more details

Sunday 8th March – Angels, Animals and Nature

Nature is ascending more quickly than humans! Today we will connect through the animals to some of the amazing energies they can access, for example through rabbits to the song of the Earth, through pandas to Angel Mary’s universal love. Every type of tree offers us a different quality and every forest stores cosmic wisdom. We will access this and work with the tree kingdom. We will explore the eye opening missions of animals, birds and insects and connect and communicate with them and the elementals that work with them. You will meet the angels and masters who work with all aspects of the nature kingdom. Feel one with Gaia and ascend.

Click HERE for more details

Contact: Patric-  info@die-quelle.ch

Thursday 26th March – Talk on The Archangel Guide to Ascension

The Beaulieu Hotel
Beaulieu Road, SO42 7YQ Southampton

Based on my new book co-written with Tim Whild, The Archangel Guide to Ascension – 55 Steps to the Light we will be appearing together to present an evening of high frequency information and discussions. We will also be including select meditations from the book. This will be a light raising event for everyone that attends!
Inspirations Positive Living Group The Mortimer Arms, Ower.
Doors open 18.45 Talk Starts 19.30 – 21.00 followed by book signings.
Drinks available from main bar.

TICKETS ONLY £15 before Saturday March 14th or £25 From Sunday March 15th
You can purchase your ticket HERE

Contact: Jackie White – inspirationsgroup@hotmail.com

To view my 2015 Event Calendar, please click visit my website: dianacooperstg.wpenginepowered.com


Secret Alchemy – St. Germain
Anchoring a Violet Sun

The beloved Master St. Germain is well known for the distribution of the Violet Flame of Transmutation, Freedom, Mercy and Joy. Many people have witnessed miracles in working with the violet flame. Indeed it can benefit you and everyone you want to help. For small or big issues, for planetary service or healing you can ask St. Germain to provide you with his Violet Flame.

You may use Secret Alchemy St. Germain Spray everywhere, to start your day by surrounding yourself with the Violet flame, to bless your house, to bring peace to the mind and clear the stress from the day… It’s fragrance from violets also helps soothe the mind and promotes a deeper meditation experience into an expanded space of freedom.

We would like to share with you the following dynamic invocation which helps in clearing away any negative energies.

Wishing you a beautiful Month!

With love and gratitude,
Frixos Christodoulou & Paschalis Kazakopoulos


Secret Alchemy – Anchoring a Violet Sun

Start by taking a few deep cleansing breaths, allowing your self to settle down…

I invoke St. Germain and the ascended Masters of the 7th Ray to fill the vessel of my mind with the Violet Flame of Transformation now!… I ask that you heal all mental distractions and restore peace and order in my mind, my heart and spirit…

I invoke St. Germain to anchor the Violet Flame Sun now!… Feel and see a gigantic radiant Violet Sun merging with you. Become a mighty, radiant, loving, compassionate violet Sun…

I now dedicate this space to the Violet Flame; and I ask that the violet flame transmute all negative and stagnant energies in this house, on all levels, and fill it with grace, freedom and ultimate joy!

Rest in this space for as long as you wish, expressing gratitude before closing your meditation. Feel free repeat the invocation for consecutive days to increase its benefits.

St. Germain Spray Characteristics

General Effect: Transmutes and releases negativity on all levels. Diminishes stress, brings clarity and effortless prosperity. Improves the ability of response towards others. Conscious connection with the Spiritual World. Inspires an atmosphere of trust and honesty. Reveals our true service in the world, grounding our mission and purpose here. Develops courage and helps us honor the mystery. To listen better to our inner voice.stgermain

Correspondence: Sacral & Crown Chakra.

Fragrance: Sweet, Violet

Qualities: Transmutation, Violet Flame, Organization, Prosperity.

Affirmation: God chooses the perfect time! Everything unfolds in Divine order!

Website for Secret Alchemy: www.angelshouse.eu | E-mail: info@angelshouse.eu



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