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sent-in-from-dorisDear Doris, As I look at this photo of the Orbs of light following the lightning strike I feel they are composed of Elemental energies. When the atmosphere is stirred and charged up it creates an opportunity for positive change in the energies and the Elementals become very busy!

Elementals welcome the opportunity to clear some of the noxious energies and gases carried around in the atmosphere created by us humans. They do this by absorbing denser energies and frequencies into their light bodies and carrying them together within groups of them to collection areas around the circumference of the Earth’s atmsophere. Here they are dispersed and released beyond the oxygen/gravitational field of Earth.

This is one of the ways the Elementals help us. Believe me when I mention they are kept exceptionally busy all of the time and really welcome these big charges of light & energy from the lightening strike as they can use the charge of energy to boost their work.

The Elementals really are the saviours of our planet in many ways and highly industrious. They have an ongoing plan to clean up the Earth and there are many working in unison all over the planet.

Without them Earth would be in a far more dire state than she is now.

Your Lightning Strike Orbs are Air Elementals carrying toxins away up out into the higher atmosphere of the planet for cleansing.

When lightning strikes it brings purification and it being above the city gives me the impression some cleansing was vey much needed as lightening is never random regardless of what some people may think.

I am drawn to look deeper into the energy of the actual lightening strike now and I feel the massive creative force within it and I am hearing clairaudiently “only the exact charge needed is ever administered”.

Nature is behaving to her plan and unfolding her wishes as part of Earth’s soul growth and is a bigger force and power than little mankind’s whatever we may choose to naively think.

A mightier power is around us than many of us choose to realise.

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With Love Light Peace & Angel Blessings

Jacqueline Mary Piper
Diana Cooper Foundation Orb Team

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